2017 is going to be THE year. You probably already posted the “New Year, New Me” selfie on Instagram, and probably already started a new gym membership and all that, but you forgot to add a few Stoner Resolutions!


1. Smoke More Weed

Can you think of a better first stoner resolution? Me either. This is a pretty easy resolution to follow, all it takes is a little dedication. Roll two blunts instead of one, smoke 6 bowls instead of 5, smoke an ounce instead of a gram. Not hard to follow right?


Exactly.  So start your first Stoner Resolution the right way, and pack a bowl while you read this.


2. Quality over Quantity


2016 was a year filled with great things for weed, from legalization to simply the quality of bud. 2017 is going to be an even better year for pot, and that’s what inspired this resolution. Stop picking up 30$ eighths, go for 40$ ones. Get private reserve instead of mid-shelf. Splurge on the stronger edibles. Make this year you start smoking like the king/queen that you are!


3. Stop being the lazy stoner.


We are all guilty of this one. Your 4:20 smokeout leads to the fridge, then BOOM! Kush Coma. Try and break this habit! Be that productive stoner that everyone says doesn’t exist! Go for a hike, go swimming, go read a book, go learn how to speak Chinese, do anything! Spend this year doing something besides being lazy!


These are the Top 3 Stoner Resolutions, what others are you doing this year?? Leave us a comment!



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