The 25 Most Creative Marijuana Strain Names
Marijuana Flower Buds
Marijuana Flower Buds
Marijuana Flower Buds

New rules and regulations are giving you the opportunity to legally experience the adventure of pot smoking. For many who grew up during the more restrictive years when even a small joint could result in a jail sentence this is now a chance to explore getting high with a vast cornucopia of pot strains.

While some popular pot names have managed to endure the test of time there are lots of newcomers that are also earning rave reviews. Growing marijuana is becoming the latest “gold-boom” and high-tech innovations have brought exciting new varieties to the table. Instead of just relying on a standard such as Maui Wowie for your next pot party why not check out some of the awesome “young-blood” varieties of cannabis?

Even if you are not going to take a few tokes or visit a “head shop” you can still enjoy reading about the names that are being bestowed on potent plants. Inspired by celebrities, geography, the psychedelic 60s or crazy dreams the names are often imaginative, funny and unique.

Here are the top 25 most creative marijuana strain names.

25. Acid- this moniker usually refers to LSD but now is used to identify an exceptionally potent variety of marijuana.

24. Boggle Dragon- this name conjures up images of games, confusion and powerful fantasy creatures

23. Aussie Blues- laid-back, mellow and oh, so dream-like

22. Charlie Sheen- high-intensity pot with a dash of Sheen’s “so-called Tiger Blood”

21. 3 Mile Island- this description is usually linked to a disaster so why is it bestowed on this strain of marijuana? Is it that bad, or that good?

20. Amethyst Bud- colorful description of lovely, intense cannabis buds

19. Yellow Amnesia- one toke and you forget who-what-when-why and where

18. Afghani Delight- everyone knows that Afghanistan is the land of opium and hashish

17. Beyond the Brain- this strain unleashes the power of your brain

16. Albino Rhino- powerful and unstoppable, just like a raging rhinoceros

15. Candy Cane Brain- sweet treat for the refined mind

14. Wild Thai Rider- a few puffs will make you feel as though you were surfing those exotic eastern waves

13. Brain Warp- forget warp speed and warp your brain around this intoxicating smoking adventure

12. Beast Mode- unleashes the beast within

11. African Queen- ideal choice for a quiet movie night with Hepburn and Bogart

10. Old Time Moonshine- sizzles the soul just like a swig of real ‘shine would do

9. Elephant Bud- easy to see the inspiration for this name is the huge size of the flower buds

8. 1 Eyed Jamaican- uniquely different and definitely unforgettable

7. Amphetamine- potential to get you “up to speed”

6. California Skunk- this funny name could indicate that the fragrant aroma is less than pleasing

5. Marilyn Monroe- a whisper in the wind but lasts forever in the mind

4. Amsterdam Flame- a nod to the Netherlands, where pot smoking is embraced as part of the Dutch culture

3. 3D Third Dimension- opens the mind (think Twilight Zone episodes in 3D)

2. Chernobyl-the most powerful and dangerous event in history is used to christen this strain of pot (wonder why?)

1. Laughing Grass- forget the dental laughing gas when this variety of marijuana offers an equally enjoyable mental trip without visiting your dentist.



Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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