43in 4k LED HDTV Giveaway

The Contest is over 🙁

Congratulations to our winner, Holly Y. of Napa, California!  You’re all winners though! For 5 days only, use coupon code: 15 off  at checkout of Shop.gethigh.com for 15 percent off Everything!

Get High 43in 4k LED HDTV Giveaway


Justin Meerkat

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  1. jerry verwolf

    Since my birthday is in two days, I will look forward to watching stuff on my new 43 in TCL Roku Smart LED TV. Wow!!

  2. Jaliene Collard

    This is awesome, getting all my entries in!!

  3. Hal Ballard

    I could use some good luck

  4. real jacques

    wish me good lock

  5. derek leonard

    Hell yeah!

    1. brian flynn

      Bring it on , lets see who’s Smart ????

  6. Richard Garneau

    cest ma fete 27 septembre

  7. Isabelle Ross

    ???????? wow je souhaite bonne chance a tous ????

  8. Luc lebeau

    Yess sur !!!

  9. Linda

    hell yeah 🙂

  10. Claude Saindon

    I want Roku Tv.

  11. Carolyne gagnon

    J’aimerais bien remporter cette télévision j’en ferais bon usage

  12. Hani naoum

    Like to win

  13. Gia Madrid

    I dont have $ for Buy A tv ???? thks for apreciate m’y Honest reply

  14. Alain Petit


  15. Martine Dallaire

    i would be happy to win it . Would be a great gift for our 35th wedding anniversary.

  16. Victoriano Truque Quesada

    Buen sorteo , suerte a todos

  17. Ça serait bienvenue une nouvelle télévision. Celle que j’ai est défectueuse. Ça arriverait juste à point. Merci!!!

  18. Carol Blevins

    Could really use this. Thanks for the chance.

  19. Yolande Roy

    Nice price , I want it !

  20. Robert Pelletier


  21. Lenora Crowder

    Need to replace my old 85 and 86 TV’s!

  22. jberry

    I’m down, landlord is getting ready to cut of direct & get antenna. That IS NOT gonna work. Mama needs to binge watch.

  23. Marek

    it will be nice to win…it´s a two weeks ago i become a bad news from my doc – i will no more walking.my right leg was destroyed in an bad accident.hope that maybe luck take another way to meet me 😉 ,,,and sure wish all the best to all other participants!

  24. Alex Kondombolo

    Wow GET HIGH karma is gon grand me this high wish cause its all i ever need to complete my high year..

  25. Alexandre Thibault

    I need this please thanks

  26. Adam

    Yeah yeah i nees this

  27. Keith Kinkade

    Good to be here

  28. Yolande Mcken

    Nice i’m in thanks

  29. Shawn Jones-Majowicz

    doubt ill win but wish me luck

  30. Steve

    If I won this it would be my 1st win EVER ! Please Make it happen!

  31. Chris Gazzeny

    If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all .

  32. Chris Gazzeny

    Like the rest . I’am here to try and win the tv thank you

  33. connie danielson

    thanks for the chance to win! This would be a late birthday present since mine was yesterday,09-17-1946.

  34. John Kisner

    By the power of Greyskull, I have the power to win this contest!

  35. Deb


  36. Krystal B

    Just a super mom/wife here that’s getting really tired of watching programs on our older tv due to low quality. Man oh man would i love to sit back and watch some Netflix on a new tv when my kids hit their beds at night or have something to admire and relax to when they’re at school. This momma needs better quality personal time in the living-room and what better way than with a brand new tv! -Hopeful mama ????

  37. Veronica Brock

    I want to win soo bad. ..

  38. ShaaronK

    My tv just died. I am a shut in.

  39. Jane Gorton

    Our TV was brought before our Son was born and his 15th birthday is next month! Fantastic prize, thank you x

  40. Jennifer Baker

    Amazing! dream come true x x x

  41. AXEL


    1. Justin Meerkat

      Hi Axel, we had announced via email to everyone, and social media, the winner is Holly Y. of Napa, CA. Keep subscribed and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about the next contest! Take care friend and thanks for entering!

    1. Justin Meerkat

      The contest is already over 🙁 but thank you for entering! Check out the rest of our website and shop.gethigh.com

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