Activists are Planting Pot Seeds at London Landmarks

We caught wind of a campaign to cover some of London’s most famous landmarks and parks with hemp plants, and we think that is awesome.  Word is that landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge, The Angel of the North, Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge, The Bottle of Notes, Tyne Bridge, The Shard and Big Ben all have weed growing in the nearby perimeter.  From The London Cannabis Club movement, “Feed the Birds

….distribute nutritious and legal hemp seeds across Great Britain. We will utilise every able bodied human to spread hemp seeds to feed British and migratory birds.

It is also a campaign which supports the ethos that Cannabis prohibition has a negative impact on our society and gives hemp a bad reputation. We believe that if we reform these old fashioned laws it will have a positive effect on British people and the economy.

For thousands of years, hemp has been purposefully grown in great abundance across the British Isles, manifesting itself in historical town names and even lending it’s name to a native British wild life species who prefer the hemp plants seeds.

New technologies allow hemp to be made into bio-degradable plastics, industrial construction materials, medicine, clothing, oil, fuel, food, paper and many more important items.

It is time our ruling government nurture the growth of new industries, especially those which will create jobs and have less impact on the environment than our current fossil fuel, textile and plastics industries.

Historically, the word hemp relates to the entire species of cannabis. Feed The Birds intends to raise awareness for the plight of medicinal and recreational users of cannabis and we call for full decriminalisation and regulation of cannabis.

For decades ‘our’ politicians have flushed tax payers money into the stinking and broken toilet they call “the war on drugs”, the war toilet which undeniably leads straight into the sewers of organised crime and corruption.

By legalising and regulating cannabis and abolishing the stigma regarding hemp we firmly believe that;

-British businesses would experience exponential growth
-organised crime would decrease substantially
-children would be less exposed to any substance which is intended for adult use
-vulnerable and less fortunate members of society could have access to more cost effective medicine
-the health and diet of British people could improve


The following delivery system has been created to maintain the anonymity of the organisers of this group, because if they go down, we are all doomed. SO!

There are three ways of receiving seeds.

1. If you live anywhere near London you will need to come to the biggest gathering of herb heads you’ve ever seen at Hyde Park on the 20th of April. Even if you do not live near London, that Saturday is a very good excuse for a day trip. Also, see your nearest Cannabis Social Club for local pop-up seed bank events in your neighbourhood. Invite your friends to Hyde Park 420 Pro Cannabis Rally

2. People of the Midlands, Wales, Anglia, The North, Scotland, Narnia, Cornwall and any other place that isn’t London, please Contact your local Cannabis Social Club, they have a direct line in with us and will know things even we don’t about when you can collect your seeds. If you aren’t sure of where your local CSC is, please check this site here:

3. Lastly, if you live in the middle of nowhere and are in need of seed, please send us a message and we will train you up to be a fantastic guerilla cell bird feeder person thing….yehhhh!


You must agree to the following before you receive the seed.

-You may not troll your fellow bird feeders, this is a group with a direct mission, and that is to feed the birds.

-That means that we are absolutely NOT responsible for individuals growing their seeds indoors for a month and then planting them outdoors in a very public and noticeable place.

-When you have received your seeds, you must send us photos of your seeds after a while, if you don’t take pictures, then this is all a waste of time as evidence and hype is VITAL!

-Seed deliveries will not begin until April, we appreciate your enthusiasm and initiative whilst we fine tune our master plan.

-Tag all your stuff #feed420

-For the more hardcore among you, in September and October, feel free to send bird seed product clippings to your local member of parliament.


Sounds like a pretty badass movement, and who doesn’t like seeing beautiful marijuana plants growing in the wild?

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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