Benefits of a Percolator Bong

Smokers everywhere know exactly how they like to consume their marijuana. Call it a ritual, call it habit, call it what you will. With so many methods of smoking, of course we’re all led to wonder which one is best. Most settle on a basic bowl, others toke from a bong, and some have invested in a vaporizer. Yet there’s another less popular, but just as good device for smoking called a percolator bong.

According to the scientists, a percolator bong will filter carcinogens while thickening smoke. Generally, the bong directs smoke underneath the water between two outlets on the top and bottom of the ‘percolator’. Reduced pressure forces smoke through the water via air bubbles, which rise up the tube and into lungs. This is called the diffusion process, which makes smoke cooler and rise evenly because each bubble reaches the surface simultaneously. Filtration and thickening always happens twice, and that’s what makes it a percolator.

While a bowl basically creates lungs full of cough inducing ash, the percolator features two levels of water using pressure to deliver a smooth and creamy hit. One could say a normal bong does this too, except that it doesn’t have an additional sub chamber within the shaft needed to provide smoke-water interaction through heat exchange and dissolution.

On forums, it’s said that vaporizers are the next closest devices to a bong as far as smoke enrichment is concerned. However, because of the method of heating, vaporizers are more efficient. This doesn’t mean that using a vaporizer is better though. There are many complaints about strange tastes that you won’t get using a percolator bong. Also, you will never need to recharge a bong and it’s usually less expensive than vaporizers.

Additionally, percolator bongs are look very interesting. Here’s a quick overview of more complex appearing ones:


•From 6 – 64 arms (the more arms, the more diffusion)
•Arms are open bottomed or closed with slits on the sides (smaller slits add bubbles for more diffusion)
•The more arms, the better the percolation


•Cool dome enclosure
•Slits or holes meet at the bottom (smoke passes through the dome and separates once exiting the holes)


•Disk percolator (unusual, looks like a honeycomb)
•Allows for many holes

There are even more complicated ways to use a percolator bong. One of the most popular is called a Coil. They were first associated with ‘slow draw’ traps for bongs. Their primary function is to limit air flow, dependent on the number of wraps and outside diameter of the tubing. They are known for prettier displays of bubbles, and high entertainment.

Another fun one is the Pinwheel. It’s a re-engineered version of what is called the Ring just with a swirl pattern. The Ring creates diffusion using u-bends and separation up the stem. It’s intended for slow drags accompanied by a smoother hit.

Clearly, one’s imagination related to a percolator bong is as limitless as diffusion techniques. Smokers everywhere are still learning about the benefits of using this classy device. As customizable as other methods appear, if you’ve read anything above, it’s obvious how unique a percolator bong can be. They’re even used in the study of science!

Sure that vaporizer might be gold plated, but can it create green neon bubbles to make your smoking experience trippy? No, only what you put in it can do that. But you don’t need the strongest substance to have a good time simply using a twisted honeycomb bong. All you need is some basic marijuana and some pressure with a percolator to have an unforgettable time.


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Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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