The Best Cannabis Marketing Companies to Help Grow Your Business

According to Carol Tice, a contributing writer for Forbes magazine online, there are a few companies which currently have their “feet wet” in the Cannabis marketing world, and this was a few years ago. Today, marketing a cannabis company takes more than a social media account or advertisement on a window, it takes marketing knowledge as well as knowing the laws of advertising such a subject that is more than medical, but it’s now become a legal recreational commodity in certain states of the world. Companies such as the ones that will be listed are doing quite well and killing it with the big cannabis brands.

With the demand for best cannabis business marketing companies, it seems to rise on a daily basis and now clients and company owners are having to adapt to the marketing strategies as any other company would when they want to advertise their products and services. It goes without saying that investors are putting a careful eye, and ear, out to the legality of the product and the business behind it.

Some “dispensaries” run out of their online digital store, some also have boutiques, shops, or kiosks all over the world where it’s legal to sale cannabis. It takes cannabis marketing companies to enrich the minds of those that know absolutely nothing about it. Here are some of the best cannabis marketing companies to date.

Best Marketing Companies in the Cannabis World Today

Cannabis Marketing Mob

If you’re looking for some of the most unique and awesomely inventive marketing and design, the Cannabis Marketing Mob is your cannabusiness solution. These guys are professional marketers who work on e-commerce, large brands, small brands, and more. Their experience and design is light years beyond the competition.

From the website:

Look, you gotta get eyeballs to your landing page and/or your website so you can capture email addresses of potential clients. Capiche? Facebook Ads are generally a better bang for your buck, however, if you are selling a product or a service where people are likely searching on Google for that very product or service, Google Adwords might be a better option. You can also do both if you’re greedy and just want all of the customers you can get your grubby little hands on. We also have access to all of the cannabis ad networks like Mantis. Either way, PPC is a racket. You want in?

Here are a few words from “actual clients” who hired us to do PPC campaigns for them:

“It was just like having an inside tip at the Kentucky Derby!” – Roi “Triple X” Cash

“It reminded me of the time we did that heist back in ‘73. We sure cleaned up on that one.” – Knuckles

“Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” Robert De Niro – Goodfellas


One of the top cannabis marketing agencies is Cannabrand company which have been are a full-service branding agency. The main focus is to cater to the cannabis marketing world. They’re known in the industry as one of the first cannabis marketing agencies. Out of Denver, they’ve partnered with some top notched companies that market the cannabis industry.

Some of the best companies which go to them are well established to date. They can help reposition your brand or company to the target audience the company desires. For instance, they did this with the Colorado-based dispensary chain Mindful. It was formerly known as Gaia; Cannabrand has helped with the targeted market (the recreational market) for the company. By creating it’s marketing materials and re-designing their storefront and signage, it became a launch of creativity fro the intended clientele the company wanted to hit. This makes for a great creative advertising campaign while developing the company’s strong cannabis marketing strategy for every company it works for professionally.

Cannabrand is also an expert in social media marketing as well as advertising. Companies look into companies like Cannabrand because of their ability to target the specific demographics they want to connect with. In the advertising world, the target messages that go into any ad, especially for the cannabis world has to be on target and precise.

For instance, the Cannabrand teamed up with a local ABC affiliate advertising sales representatives. Neos, a client devoted to producing refined cannabis-infused vapor pens, wanted Cannabrand to create and produce “the nation’s first cannabis product television commercial.” It is planned on airing before the Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 21st, in the evening. A 15-second spot which will adhere to the cannabis advertising laws that are currently under works with Colorado laws. The main focus is this, making everything across the board legal, instead of associating cannabis with the “high” and giving it a positive brand instead.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus

They are among the few that have shown strength in the marketing world of cannabis. The main focus is this, making everything across the board legal, instead of associating cannabis with the “high” and giving it a positive brand instead. Another company that is doing wonders for the cannabis marketing world is the agency For instance, video creation, advertising creation, marketing and web design development are among the few marketing elements this company oversees as a cannabis marketing company.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus are professional and dedicated to the industry in that it knows the laws of advertising and marketing the cannabis product. Some of the most effective cannabis marketing strategies come with experience. What they do is capture the target audience’s attention within the first “7 seconds or less,” while also displaying the main message of your company. Professionally attractive to the target audience and with the abilities of the website developed and designed to be easy to function through. Navigating through the website is one way. It should be easily navigable. The websites that are created by this particular marketing company are well aware that companies that hire them want their browsers to become loyal customers. The marketing gurus will also make sure that it fits the audience as well as the device it’s going to stream on.

Cannabis Marketing Lab

Cannabis Marketing Lab is another company that markets the cannabis industry. One of the main marketing elements is the fact that it’s knowledgeable about the industry. The laws that are hereby written for Colorado, for instance, may be different for other states that have legally established marijuana as a medical component of the industry. Including the fact that it’s been legalized for recreational use as well, the marketing for it has to be on target. This company has the ability to keep companies in business because of their marketing success rates. They know what it’s like to become strategically on target and with some “big names” which have gone through their marketing and advertising strategies, it’s no wonder that they too are successful as well.

This is a growing, no pun intended, and with allowing companies that can market the cannabis company’s brand and website development strategy the right way, there is no alternative. The Cannabis Marketing Lab will strategically target any company by way of web design, video creations, to even press releases while informing those who are interested in the cannabis news on the latest of documented laws, and news updates concerning the industry.

They have two graphic designers, and they’ll help you from the beginning phase to your logo’s or brand’s completion or final stage. One of the best things about the marketing world is just creating your logo and brand for your cannabis marketing strategy. Plus, with the communication that this particular company has for their clientele, it’s nothing short of the great digital marketing campaign that will seem to grow as your company develops and grows. From designing your next poster, banner, promotional marketing images and products’ packaging, you’ll be able to see that your company will be designed the way you want it and not the marketers. The Cannabis Marketing Lab will show you how.

Finally, with these marketing agencies to market your company with the best in advertising; such as with the social networks, video commercials, marketing your company’s promotional materials as well as targeting your audience, there’s so much that can be done to make your cannabis company recognizable in a growing field of success. Marketing your company via websites, news releases, the latest laws in various states, as well as the product and services that your company is selling, you’re company will succeed in this competitive marketing world. This is will be a major part of the advertising world in social media, television, radio, …and any other communication device that will target your audience but going with some of the best in marketing this product should be with those that know the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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