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Choosing a source for your cannabis seeds is a critical first step in the grow process. Without a trustworthy source of safe and quality seeds, you are working under uncertainty. If you are a novice grower, do your homework and compare the highest rated cannabis seed breeders. A more stable genetic history means consistent, high-quality results. Genetically superior buds are denser and their glands produce more resin. Modern genetics have allowed for record crop yields and a more intense psychoactive effect. While some seed banks have long-held reputations for high-quality product, many are just beginning with all new genetics. Though several small-scale seed banks are located throughout the United States and Canada, many of the most popular breeders are located in Europe.

About Seed Banks: Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, and Auto-flowering Seeds

Before you decide on a particular breeder, it is important to understand the different varieties of cannabis seeds available.

When growing with traditional “regular” seeds, one male plant is bred with one female plant. Offspring produced will be either male or female. Feminized seeds have been engineered to eliminate the male chromosomes, ensuring only female offspring are produced. Feminized seeds are your best option in many cases, but regular seeds are better for certain cannabis strains.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds do not require the same cycles of light and darkness as regular seeds. Even if they are constantly exposed to light, they will start to flower automatically when the plant reaches a certain stage of maturity. These crops come to full maturity in just under ten weeks. This means you can nearly double your yield within a single season.

We will look at some of the best-rated seed cannabis seed banks in each region. Another great resource you’ll want to check out is the Royal Seed Bank, where you can compare seeds and more.

European Cannabis Seed Banks

An unsurprising number of highly rated cannabis seed banks can be found in the city of Amsterdam. However, Spain also produces top seeds. The vast majority of these breeders have opted to breed only feminized seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds (Barcelona, Spain)

  • One of the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe
  • 20+ year company history
  • feminized, auto-flowering, and medical seeds available
  • reasonable pricing
  • hand-selected inventory
  • high-quality, organically grown
  • 100% germination rate
  • all seeds are feminized

Popular strains: Northern Light, Amnesia Haze, Shining Silver Haze, and White Widow.

Sensi Seeds (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • One of the world’s best cannabis seed banks
  • Only the highest genetic standards
  • Both regular and feminized seeds available

Popular Strains: Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Silver Haze, Jack Herer, Shiva Shanti.

Nirvana Shop (Amsterdam)

  • Company history can be traced back to 1980s
  • Hand-picked seed selection
  • High customer service standards
  • User-friendly website
  • Unique products like hemp wine, hemp beer, hemp vinegar, etc. available.
  • Feminized and auto-flowering seeds available

Popular Strains: Northern Lights, Pure Power Plant, AK-48, Aurora.

Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam

  • One of the most successful cannabis companies in the world
  • Collection started in the early 1990s
  • Numerous international cannabis awards
  • Particular terpene profiles (more robust flavors)
  • Feminized and auto-flowering seeds available

Popular Strains: Himalayan Gold, El Niño, White Rhino, Great White Shark, Arjan’s Haze, Hawaiian Snow, K-Train.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Amsterdam

Popular Strains: Blue Dream, AK-47, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Kush, Super Skunk.

**Other notable cannabis seeds banks in Amsterdam: DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Legends seeds, AMS (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds).

North American Cannabis Seed Banks

Brother’s Grimm Seeds Boulder, Colorado

  • Founded in 1996 (Originally in Canada)
  • Rocky Mountain Seed Bank Collection    
  • Genetic Superiority
  • High THC content
  • Very little variation
  • All seeds are regular (not feminized)

Popular Strains: Cinderella ’99 (Cult Classic), Killer Queen, Apollo 11, Rosetta Stone.

Dynasty Genetics

  • 20+ year company history
  • Rocky Mountain Seed Bank
  • preservation of stable genetics
  • Exceptional taste
  • All seeds produced organically
  • All seeds are regular

Popular Strains: Starduster, Pineapple Fields, Ms. Universe, Mochalope.

Farmhouse Genetics

  • 30+ years cultivation experience
  • Rocky Mountain Seed Bank
  • International strain variety
  • Record high crop yields
  • Superior bud taste
  • High THC resin content
  • All Seeds are regular

Popular Strains: Jetpack, Tangerine Peel, Black Gorilla, Grape Cookies

Homegrown Natural Wonders (California and Oregon)

  • Pacific Northwest company
  • 100% organic cannabis
  • THC levels as high as 30%
  • All seeds are regular

Popular Strains: Professor Chaos, Nurse Jackie, Dr. Who, Sonic Screwdriver.

Crop King (Vancouver, British Columbia)

  • Low prices
  • Large crop yields
  • High THC content
  • Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds available

Popular Strains: Blueberry, Original Skunk, Durban Poison, Green Crack, Train Wreck.

BC Seeds (Vancouver)

  • Stealth shipping since 1994
  • Freebies are thrown in with every order
  • 100% germination rates with every strain
  • Popular Strains: Skunk #1, White Widow, Northern Lights, Couchlock, Purple Lightning.

Discreet stealth shipping allows the grower to choose cannabis seeds from a vast array of global sources. If ordering internationally, be sure to check the company website to make sure they deliver to countries outside the European Union.

Do your research and compare and contrast price, genetic lineage, and available strains when purchasing your cannabis seeds. Determine if your particular situation is best suited for regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds. You have probably noticed most of the seed banks in Europe are producing all feminized seeds. On the other hand, virtually all of the seed banks in the Rocky Mountain Collection produce only regular, non-feminized seeds. Whichever type of cannabis seed your prefer, a vast array of globally-renowned seed banks are accessible online. Buy only from high-rated breeders whose reputation you can officially verify. As a grower, you should be able to rest assured knowing you are planting high-quality seeds guaranteed to provide consistently pleasing outcomes.


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