Best Stoner gifts on Amazon

Every stoner loves a good gift, especially one that is novel to his or her favorite pastime. Don’t get your best friend a pair slice of pie, when you could get him the ultimate kind of high. Don’t settle for cash when you could help him improve his stash. Today, we have we’ve gathered stoner gift ideas from all around the web for your boyfriend, wife, best friend or, well, basically any marijuana enthusiast your life. Then, we narrowed them down to only items on Amazon, so you do not have to worry about waiting for items to ship. Last minute stoner gifts galore! You’ll find everything from clothing and paraphernalia to high entertainment and bongs. Need to narrow down the selection?


Best Stoner Gifts on Amazon


Hippie Scented Candles

This 3-pack of themed candles is perfect for the Mary Jane homemaker. The scents are Cannabis, Incense, and Bag O’ Cookies, perfect to match any stoner mood. They are all natural soy candles and burn clean, lasting for up for 30 hours each. Light it and let it burn!


Mary Jane Master Chef

Looking to revolutionize your edibles? Become the marijuana master chef with this cookbook. Each page contains step-by-step direction complete with pictures, so you never miss an ingredient. Learn how to make oils, butters, and extracts so you can cook any culinary masterpiece. Moreover, the dosing chart will help you make your potency consistent and scalable each time.


Doper Decals

These nail decals are for our diva dopers. Decorate your nails with graphics of your favorite pass-time. They are easy to apply. Just paint your nails with the base coat and place them on your nails. Then, dab a clear coat on top, and you will be looking fly holding that blunt. The decals have a clear background so that you will not see the edges, and the ink never bleeds.


Baller Gold Rolling Papers

These edible rolling papers are made with 24k Gold. There is even a certificate of authenticity. Look like a baller when you are hitting that blunt! Each pack comes with 12 sheets for 12 opportunities to impress your friends.


Transcend your High

This gift is for the inner kid who loves to entertain himself while being high. It has all of the nostalgia of the old-school View-master with all of the upgrades in technology. What tripper would enjoy being surrounded by jungle? Put them on, and turn your head to enjoy a 4-D experience.


Marijuana Mandalas

This one is for the antisocial smokers–the ones who get high to think and feel their bodies and ignore the world around them. Create your own ganja art! Adult coloring is relaxing and therapeutic. You pick the colors to bring the 28 funky images to like.


The Elevated Poet

The magnetic poetry allows you to create your work of literary art right from the front of your refrigerator. Delay that munchies trip to the fridge by creating words with your stoner vocabulary. Whether you are stoned or not, you will find yourself putting together phrases, stories, and songs.


The Big Baby

We are not claiming this is ethical nor politically correct, but it is hilarious. This bong is for the crier who always needs a little extra attention during a high. The glass baby bottle shape allows you to measure the water you put in the bong, and really experience your feels.


Become a Ganja Guru!

This gift is for the nerdy smoker who loves coffee table books. This picturesque book is filled with thousands of photos all about the process of cultivating marijuana both inside and outside. It will inspire the average user to create creating life!


Cannabis Grow Tents

If you’re looking for the best growing gear on amazon, including lights, tents, ventilation and more, check out the grow pro team at


Did not find what you are looking for? Take a look at our Get High store for more great Stoner gift ideas. Which highlighted product was your favorite? Drop us a comment and let us know!




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