The Best Tips for Passing a Drug Test after Smoking Weed
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So, chances are, you fucked up.  You went and applied for a job that requires a drug test, and you’re a full blown stoner (that sounded more sexual than intended)  So how do you pass a drug test?  First, you stop smoking weed.  Second, you drink a shitload of water over the next long time period (just not too excessive, as too much water can harm you)  You buy a quality drug test kit, and then test yourself beforehand.


Marijuana is becoming more and more accepted in society today, with recreational use legalized in several states such as Colorado and Washington and medicinal use allowed in many more. However, despite the increasing acceptability of smoking or using marijuana, there are some employers that are still so strict about it that they require there employees to submit to mandatory drug testing. The difference between a pass or a fail can be the difference between getting or keeping a job, or getting fired or turned down for a position. So what can you do to pass a drug test after smoking weed? Here are some tips for getting all traces of marijuana out of your system before you need to do a drug test.


Thankfully there is no accurate breath test to tell whether or not you have been smoking weed recently, it can however be detected using blood, urine or hair testing. Hair and blood testing are generally only used for police investigations, so a urine test is what employers will administer due its popularity and cheap price.


Traces of marijuana are stored in the body fat, and this is what the urine test will examine. Depending on how much weed you smoke, and how often, it can take the body anywhere from two to thirty days to naturally expel all traces of it. For the majority of smokers though, seven days is generally the cut off point.


The best way to pass a drug test is to flush the weed out of your system. Drinking large amounts of water is a common way, but it requires drinking a lot of water and isn’t as fast as some other methods. First of all, make sure you pee once before you do the test! Traces of the drug build up in your sleep, so its easier to detect weed in your system if you don’t pee right after getting up. B-2 vitamins vitamins are helpful and they can be purchased either on their own or in a B complex multivitamin for a reasonable price.


Another well known method is to take diuretics, which, to put it simply, are drugs that make you pee more often. These help your body flush out traces of THC at a much higher rate than just drinking water does. Some examples of diuretics include: caffeine, glucose, cranberry juice, alcohol, and a vast range of herbal products. There are also over the counter diet pills, or water pills intended for women during their period that are a bit more effective, like diurex, pamabrom, lipozene and many more. If you really need to flush out the system there are also some very powerful prescription diuretics like Lasix, Bumex, Dyrenium, and Edecrine, to name a few.


Many urine tests check your creatine levels, which are generally very low in weed smokers. To boost up your creatine eat foods that are very heavy in it, such as red meat. Creatine supplements are also sold in most health or vitamin stores. There are also various detoxifying and body cleansing agents that are sold in a lot of natural health stores, head shops, and bong store. There are a large variety of these marijuana cleansing agents, and they don’t all work the same on every person, the potency changes depending on which product you purchase.


So if your employers are so strict that they do order you to do a urine test, just follow these tips and stay confident, its not right to force drug tests onto people without their permission, but unfortunately until its fully legalized there will still be employers that come down hard on harmless pot smokers. Until that time just follow these tips to keep you testing clean.

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  1. Jason Ford

    What is the best way to clean your system of the in 210 and tried onces with a detox drink followed the directions and still failed. Got job coming up soon and I know I’m not clean yet. Please help my family is depending on me.

    1. Justin Meerkat

      Call the drug test company Pass Your Test at 877-247-1354 – they will help advise you to the best solution. Wish you the best of luck friend!

  2. Ariana Torres

    I smoked weed yesterday and I’m a girl (5’0 119lbs) and I’m trying yo get a job at Bush Gardens. For how long Is the THC stuck in my system because I’m looking forward to this job. Help

    1. Justin Meerkat

      Call the pros at 877-247-1354 – they should help you out! But for your size, probably less than 30 days, but it depends on a ton of factors.

  3. Ayub

    I smoke weed rom last 5 months everyday one cigrate and have a gamca medical test in one week how can I pass the test

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