A Bhang Bar Review – High on Chocolate

Bhang Chocolate, the creators of Bhang Chocolate bars, are no joke in the edible industry.  Mentor Capital recently acquired 60% of Bhang Chocolate for $39 million!  Here’s a snippet from the investors,

“Mentor Capital CEO, Chet Billingsley, affirms, “By a wide margin, five time cannabis cup winner, Bhang Chocolate is recognized as the world’s singular leading cannabis brand. We feel privileged to be working with the Bhang management team lead by founder Scott Van Rixel. In the explosively growing and sometimes chaotic environment accompanying marijuana legalization, they provide a bulwark of business professionalism and integrity in the delivery of Bhang’s gourmet medicinal chocolates and growing infused edible selections.”


bhang-pretzel_1024x1024With multiple cannabis cup wins, and availability in thousands of dispensaries, we had to create a Bhang Bar review for the pure pleasure of the experience!


I started off small, with two of Bhang’s smaller Bhomb bites (30 mg THC) spaced out over a period of 30 minutes each.  Milk Chocolate Bhomb bites were first, and definitely my favorite Bhang Bar bhomb bites.  Delicious milky chocolate with a smoothly blended kick of weed that lets you know that this is a well refined process aimed at getting you super high.  About 15 – 20 minutes into this journey, I began to feel that heavy limb syndrome associated with a good body high, and decided to halt my walk around the beach, heading for the comforts of good ole’ couch city.  30 – 40 minutes after the first Bhomb bite, I was starting to feel pretty content with my situation.  I do not recommend going beyond 1 Bhomb bite in your first hour for light smokers or first time edible eaters.  I work at GetHigh.com, so with my tolerance being about as high as my dreams, Bhomb bite number two went down the hatch.  This was a Dark Chocolate Bhomb Bite.  While I am not personally a fan of dark chocolate, Bhang seems to have gotten the right amount of bitter sweetness to counteract the sometime harsh aftertaste of edibles.


Fast forward 20 – 40 minutes later (experiments are hard when you’re high haha), and I am one with the couch.  A great body high and a relaxed mind are the perfect recipe for a night in watching a movie.  As a medical marijuana patient, edibles like these are a great choice for pain relief.  I personally have a sensitive stomach, where painkillers will make me throw-up, so having a professionally formulated and quality assured cannabis edible from the dispensary works out great!


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