Biography of a Stoner: Cheryl Shuman

‘Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills,’ ‘Martha Stewart of Marijuana’ and ‘America’s First Lady of Cannabis.’ No, we are not talking about three different people. Cheryl Shuman earned all three titles with her charming and unique personality. Now, she is widely known as one of the marijuana’s biggest celebrities and a leading cannabis entrepreneur!  

Cheryl Shuman Early Years

The story of Cheryl Shuman is one of ‘Rags to Riches’ but not the typical one. She faced a massive turmoil in the journey of life. She saw her family ripped apart when she was 3. Belonging to a poor family, Cheryl worked on a tobacco farm from the age of eight. As a child laborer, she worked for only 50 cents an hour. With tough beginnings, she began to find ways to earn more money. This led her to entrepreneurship at a young age through various small businesses from babysitting to knitting sweaters. ‘Experiences maketh a man.’ Humble beginnings taught Chuman value of hard work and money at a tender age. Changing schools repeatedly due to consistent movement, she learned to adapt to the evolving environments quickly. After all, Shuman suffered through the experience of being the new girl in 17 different schools.


Her 16th year bought a new phase in her life. With the help of her friends and family, she developed a project of saving money on groceries. She reused the money she earned in the form of coupons. The project enabled her to save 80% on her grocery bills. She achieved considerable recognition from media within just two years. At age 18, producers called her for a feature on ‘The Bob Braun Show’ on WLWT-TV, Ohio. She was titled ‘America’s Coupon Queen.’ Bob was so impressed with her that he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She started working for the show on a regular basis.’ Within a couple of days, she was offered a bigger platform by PM Magazine. Her coupon refunding business turned her into the branding expert. The fame she achieved helped her join hands with America’s most prominent corporate brands.

Life after marriage

A fatal car crash in 1983 shattered Shuman’s career. However, giving up was not an option for her. She found an alternative and started working as an Optometrist in Ohio. Later, Cheryl moved to California where she met the then love of her life, Phil Shuman. She got married to the Fox News reporter in the same year. Favored by luck, Shuman had an opportunity to meet Michael Jackson. This meeting changed her career track completely.

Schuman pioneered the art of blending the fashion and entertainment industry when she started her own firm ‘Optician to the Stars’ in 1984. Cheryl collaborated with Steven Seagal to transform the company into ‘’ Over the years, with a huge client base and soaring highs by getting featured in 3000 films and television projects, the company expanded massively giving it a well-deserved recognition.

However, fortune turned in to disgrace within no time. In 1995, Cheryl sued Steven for alleged sexual harassment. The hurricane of trauma eventually ended up in the death of the business and their relationship, leaving Cheryl into a state of depression and stress.

Birth of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Her only companion in the depressed state was Mary Jane. In order to distract Shuman, she entered the world of cannabis. Since then, lives as a legal cannabis patient and as a marijuana activist.

Through her past celebrity contacts, Shuman managed to fund her new project the ‘Beverly Hills Cannabis Club,’ A social club that provides the highest quality medical cannabis in the world. In the same year, the show opened the club, California legalized medicinal marijuana–talk about good timing! In 2006, during the Christmas season when everything seemed to fall in place, doctors diagnosed Cheryl with ovarian cancer. Medics rushed her to the hospital, and the doctor gave her a deadline. They asked Shuman to get her paperwork in order, and predicted she wouldn’t survive until her next birthday. Observing death so closely, Shuman got everything sorted and started living each day as though it were her last.

Luckily, ‘fortune favors the brave.’ Due to her continuous pursuit of medical cannabis, Shuman defied odds and began healing. She has celebrated several of her birthdays since then. Shuman is now recognized as one of the most influential women in the cannabis reform movement by international media. Her dedication to spreading awareness and help others to win the battle of diseases continues to bring notoriety.

Cheryl is also a founding member and Director of Special Projects at the NCIA, National Cannabis Industry Association. She has seamlessly transformed her non-profit career into a flourishing lucrative media enterprise.

An Industry Luminary

In 2009, Shuman was confronted to create and direct the Beverly Hills Chapter for NORML. A warrior that she is, she used all her prior experiences of working with celebrities and media into play. Today, she is the charter member of Beverly Hills NORML Women’s Alliance and is also helping the steering committee for Marketing and Public Relations on an International platform.  

Wait! That’s not all. Parallelly, Shuman is also the Executive Director of Celebrity, Media and Public Relations for the KUSH Brand. Companies include KUSH Conventions, KUSH Magazine, and Media often interviews Shuman for various shows, magazines, and news channels. Some of which include: NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, CNN, Access Hollywood, Today Show NBC, Entertainment Tonight, HBO Entertainment News, Today Show NBC and much more.

Recently, an article about “Stiletto Stoners” was published in Marie Claire Magazine which talks about an “anonymous optician that had a secret about marijuana.” A Fortune Magazine cover article on “How Pot Became Legal,” is another one that talks about the glory of Cheryl Shuman.

There are numerous other articles, interviews, and videos that depict Cheryl’s life as an open book. Her grit, hard work, and persistence have brought her to the where she is today. She aims to continue serving the society through the experiences and hard work.

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