Blunt Smoke: The Essential Guide to Cannabis Blunts

Did you know that Snoop Dogg, the multiplatinum rapper from Long Beach, California smokes 81 blunts every 24 hours? That’s probably bs clickbait but he’s still a huge fan of blunts, we’ve seen the pics and vids to prove it haha.

In school, you learned about Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity and other amazing moments of human history and advancement. But, have you ever wondered who is that anonymous genius who mastered the art of smoking ganja through cured and matured tobacco leaves? Let’s discover the wonderful world of blunts in this extensive article below. From the history of blunts, popular blunt brands, to the future of blunts, we cover it all!


Blunts 101: About Blunts

Rappers are aligned with the growth of popularity of the blunt, it’s pretty common to see rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg smoking blunts publicly. A blunt refers to a brand of Phillies Cigars produced in Philadelphia. However, it wasn’t until the 60’s when cannabis enthusiasts in America begun rolling their marijuana in Phillies Blunts. Smokers would purchase Phillies, empty out the tobacco, then roll up.

Due to high quality and authentic tobacco flavors, a handful of international celebrities have praised Phillies Blunts. Redman even made a song teaching newbies the do’s and don’ts of rolling Phillies. Bushwick Bill from Geto Boys was the first person to introduce Snoop Dogg to smoking blunts. In a previous interview, Snoop Dogg narrates how Bushwick’s Phillies Blunt surprised his entire crew with their first ever blunt.


Pre-Phillies Blunts era

In the 16th century, history shows that senior Spanish government officials and thriving merchants enjoyed smoking cigars in their free time. Cigars were so expensive that ordinary citizens patiently waited for discarded butts in order to reroll the leftovers into newspaper cigarettes.

However, smoking tobacco using newspapers carries the following health risks.

  • Headaches due to smoking hot newspaper ink fumes.
  • Throat and chest irritations due to intense harshness from thick newspaper smoke.
  • Mouth cancer due to prolonged accumulation of toxic chemicals during smoke inhalation.


Necessity led to the invention of rice paper rolling papers. As tobacco supply increased in Europe, cigars became more affordable. Some sources believe that blunt smoking began in the 1800s due to the availability of affordable cigars.


Blunts meet Cannabis for the first time

In the 50’s and early 60’s, hippies smoked marijuana through pipes and joints. When Phillies Cigars launched Blunts, smokers grew curious about smoking marijuana through flavored paper.  Daring smokers began experimenting with the popular blunts and eventually dropped their pipes in favor of blunts.

Phillies Blunts became popular because they accommodated more cannabis compared to pipes and rolling papers. Hence, marijuana consumers considered them best suited for group smoking sessions. Smokers also noticed how much weed they saved because tobacco leaves burn at a significantly lower rate than hemp or rice manufactured rolling papers.

In addition to large packing capacity and variety of flavors, most hippies could afford a pack of Phillies Blunts. The strong fruit flavors associated with Phillies Blunts mask marijuana odors during smoking. Hence, making it easier for cannabis enthusiasts residing in strict apartments to smoke in peace. This is why Phillies Blunts became synonymous with cannabis smokers just two decades after its launch.


Dutch Masters Cigarillo Blunts

During the mainstream emergence of marijuana blunts in the 60’s, smokers began experimenting with different cigar brands. In the 70’s and 80’s, marijuana consumers residing in New York became prominent due to rolling cannabis inside Dutch Masters Cigarillos. This habit grew to become the staple method of weed consumption all over New York.

Just like Phillies Blunts, Dutch Masters Cigarillos are affordable and readily available in convenience stores. They come in various flavors such as Berry, Chocolate, Cognac, and Honeycomb. Dutch Masters Cigarillos are ideal for economical marijuana consumption due to their small capacity compared to cigars.

White Owl Blunts

In the early 90’s, Cypress Hill and Method Man gave shout-outs to White Owl Blunt Wraps in their tracks. You’ll come across blunt wraps and cigarillos in a variety of fruit-based flavors. Namely, Grape, Peach, Strawberry, and Mango. White Owls Brand earned a good reputation through affordable pricing and slow burning quality.

Critics argue that White Owls blunt wraps tear easily. Natural flavored White Owl blunt wraps have a strong harsh taste that puts off some smokers.


Backwoods Blunts

You’ve seen your favorite rapper flaunting a long, dark brown, bumpy blunt on Instagram and music videos. West Coast rapper, The Game prefers rolling his Chronic inside Backwoods. Seasoned smokers like Backwoods because of the consistency in quality since 1973. A pack costs more than Dutch Masters and White Owls.

The rough unfinished appearance gives Backwoods a macho appeal. Blunt wrap experts agree that Backwoods are easier to roll than other brands. Extrovert stoners love Backwoods because they can hold an entire eight of bud. Everybody in the circle gets enough smoke from just one fat blunt.


From Blunt Wraps to Cannagars

A Cannagar is a marijuana cigar made using high-grade stains wrapped in dried Cannabis leaves. It’s a healthier alternative to blunt wraps because Cannabis leaves don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine. Plus, they burn at the same rate as premium brand blunt wraps. If you live in a weed-friendly state, you can purchase lots of sun-dried cannabis leaves really cheap because they contain trace amounts of THC.

During the 60’s and 70’s, Thai Sticks became popular due to global tourism. Hippies quickly borrowed the concept. However, Cannagars consist of marijuana exclusively while Thai Sticks contain opium. To make a Cannagar, you need a bamboo skewer, quarter ounce of bud, hemp rope, resin oil, and sun-dried cannabis leaves. Cannagars cost between $100-$300 dollars in California and Colorado cannabis dispensaries.


Blunts Vs Joints

Blunts are much more hard on the throat and lungs than joints in our experience. But, due to the common inclusion of tobacco and other additives in blunt wraps, they tend to get your higher than a joint, and burn slower over the sesh time. I am clearly not a doctor but would go out on a limb and say that joints are likely a better health choice for you than blunts.


Blunts for Sale: Where to buy your Blunts

The corner store or your local 7-11 can likely hook you up. If you’re smoking blunts in bulk, you can buy off certain websites like here. Hardcore professionals can even go to specialty cigar shops and purchase high-end cigars to then destroy for the ultimate in heavy hitting top shelf blunts.


Benefits of Blunts

Well, blunts are not the healthiest thing in the world, so you won’t see a benefit there compared to vaporizers or likely even a joint. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have awesome upsides.

Blunts benefits include efficiency, longevity, and effectiveness. Let me explain those three pillars of quality blunt smoking.

Efficiency: Blunts can contain a huge amount of cannabis, I commonly see 2-6 gram blunts, more than you can fit in any one pipe pack or joint. Easy to roll and then get a few friends super high too.

Longevity: They burn forever if you pack them with a proper couple grams at least. Some huge blunts have gone for over an hour. I smoked 26 blunts one time with a girl on her 26th birthday, it took us hours and hours throughout the whole day. It was a great day haha!

Effectiveness: Blunts get you High as fuck. Let me repeat that again, in case y’all forget, blunts get your high as fuck. If they are not, you’re not using enough weed to stuff your blunt up. You should be able to get 2-4 people high off a blunt.


Let’s Wrap it Up: Conclusions

Blunt wraps are definitely here to stay. They are simply morphing into more acceptable forms, such as the hemp-wrapped Churro Blunt, found at Urbn Leaf in San Diego, CA.

Smoking blunts exposes one to similar health effects associated with cigarette smoking. You may experience coughing fits due to inhaling the chemically enhanced flavors found in blunt wraps.

If you’re used to smoking bud using rolling papers, and haven’t tried rolling a blunt, please seek help from peers renowned for their blunt rolling. Join the movement, GetHigh on a blunt today!

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