Brooke Candy: self-proclaimed Queen of Italy & Opulence, and possibly…Marijuana?

Brooke Candy has made no secret of her cannabis use – she wears clothing with marijuana leaf insignias in nearly every one of her music videos. In her most popular music video that has been viewed over 2 million times, “Das Me”, Candy sports a silky, pastel pink playsuit covered in marijuana leaf symbols. Later in the video, she is clearly seen smoking a blunt.

In fact, Christopher Glazek from the subset, Vulture, of New York Magazine claims Candy was smoking pot in her apartment during the interview. In a single sentence, Glazek sums up Brooke’s whole vibe – “’Das Me’ is really offensive,” she says between bowl hits,…”. And she apparently likes it, revealing her past in stripping almost immediately into the interview and later blatantly insulting Rachel Zoe (“She’s so ditzy” and “her QVC line is really ugly”).

Brooke Candy doesn’t lie about anything. She’s brutally honest. Despite her long extensions, jarring makeup, and rebellious attitude, she is exactly who she portrays herself to be. Or, perhaps, because of them. Brooke has stripped and supports the legalization of prostitution. She smokes weed and wants it to be legalized. Don’t expect her to shout that she likes smoking pot from the rooftops, but don’t expect her to tone it down or claim addiction like Lady Gaga. Brooke will release plenty more music, smoke many more blunts and do it all without anyone’s permission.


Check out one of her latest videos – “Das Me” by Brooke Candy



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