California Legislators Halt Proposal to Ban Marijuana Adverts on Tees

California’s cannabis industry is on a sprint. In what is considered another win for the pro-cannabis groups, California’s legislators turned down a proposal to ban cannabis advertising on branded clothing.

The proposal did not limit the ban to just shirts but also in other promotional merchandise.

One of the groups fiercely opposed to the ban was California Cannabis Manufacturers Association who argued that what the proposal tries to do is “undercut a legitimate revenue center for cannabis licensees.”

A valid point, given the whole cannabis industry is posed to reel in millions if not billions in revenue and significantly contribute to state taxes sooner than later.

No explanation

Just last week, the proposal was put on hold, with no explanation whatsoever from the state legislature’s Assembly Appropriations Committee. No reason was given either during the press time.

Senator Ben Allen and pro-cannabis advocates reasoned that by allowing clothing advertisements and other promotional efforts, the product will attract younger users.

“The Legislature in the past has wisely prohibited advertising with branded merchandise by tobacco companies, expressly because items like hats and t-shirts are known to entice kids to smoke,” says Allen.

“This was a commonsense measure to apply similar restrictions that would help prevent marijuana use by teens,” he adds.

After the fact, Californians will now be able to strut around with their Mary Janes.

The Golden State legalized marijuana in 2016 and is now on a fast track to provide proper, more solid regulations for the cultivation, sale, and use of the drug.

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