As part of its public education campaign, the state of California’s public health department recently launched Let’s Talk Cannabis, a website specifically dedicated to giving the public a wide array of information about marijuana.

A primary step

Launching the website is said to be a primary step in the state’s efforts to reach out to the people of California about the drug and its use – benefits, medical value, tips, warnings, etc.

The website is mainly focused on youth, parents, and drivers, and pot’s potential risks and harms. It also warns pregnant moms that smoking weed while pregnant may render their children more susceptible to diseases postpartum. The site also warns the public that strains of weed today are up to two to seven times stronger than those in the 1970s.

“We are committed to providing Californians with science-based information to ensure safe and informed choices,” says the director of the department, Karen Smith.

Let’s Talk Cannabis even discusses how parents should approach their children who are using the drug, urging them to “stay calm” in order to prevent rebellion or resentment from overreaction.

There is also a warning on how pot may affect pets and their behaviors.

One of eight

After voters passed Proposition 64 last November, California joins seven other states and the District of Columbia to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Adults aged 21 and above may possess an ounce or 28.5 grams of weed. Marijuana sales, however, can only be available until next year.

California is also the first state to legalize pot for medical purposes.

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