Can you get high off bananas?

I’m sure you’ve heard the tale before, smoking banana’s can get you high. Yup, some guy I know tried it once and he got super high, but you have to do it right, you have to scrape off the inner banana peel to access the “bananadine” WRONG!

This is a myth. Interesting enough, this dates back to 1967 when the underground newspaper the Berkeley Barb published a fake recipe for extraction. They claimed it supplied psychoactive effects, which was false. What a bummer. So, lesson learned, banana’s are for eating, not getting high – unless you’re a climbing monkey haha (I’m so sorry for that joke)

Random fun fact: this was also in the infamous Anarchists Cookbook.

Go smoke you bannabis sativa instead. I mean cannabis.


This does not mean you can’t smoke out of a banana, just not the actual banana.

Justin Meerkat

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