Cannabis Ad Finds Clever Way to Reach Millions of Audiences

The illegal status of cannabis in the federal level, coupled with scanty lines of regulation make it hard for marijuana sellers to advertise their products. Though some do manage to get word out, few has attained the level of success that Wikileaf did.

In a recent campaign strut, Wikileaf, a price-comparison app, was able to reach millions of potential customers by cleverly targeting a more diverse segment of audiences.

Wikileaf run an in-flight advertisement on Virgin America’s domestic routes in an attempt to reach “people who aren’t your normal cannabis purchaser,” Wikileaf CEO Dan Nelson quotes.

“We wanted to get somewhere more mainstream. We had ads in various magazines and online places where it’s cannabis-focused, but we wanted some out-of-the-box ideas,” Nelson adds.

The ad

The ad shows a woman packing her suitcase and contemplating whether to bring her cannabis on her travel, to which the ad’s narrator answers “No. Don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.”

The narrator then proceeds to show a solution to the so-called dilemma by introducing the Wikileaf app. She explains the whats and hows of the app, placing emphasis on its highlight features.

A need

Marketing strategists need creative ways to market their products due to strict legal policies. Even the platforms have their own issues.

Even Wikileaf itself started with meager Facebook posts which Nelson says eventually halted due to restrictions placed later on.

In many of the states where marijuana has been legalized either for medicinal or recreational purposes (or both), regulatory policies are still being set from the ground up. It’s no surprise why rules on advertising, if any, remain vague and indeterminate for the time being.

Wikileaf’s campaign started in June and will continue to run through September of this year.

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