The Cannabis Conundrum: Who Will Be the Next DEA Top Head?

A new DEA top head is to be appointed after outgoing Chuck Rosenberg is expected to step down from office after two years of leading the administration.

Rumors are abound as to who will follow Rosenberg’s footsteps and if he or she will be making major reforms to existing regulations.


Unclear on what’s going on above the DEA

It remains unclear who President Trump will pick to replace the would-be vacant post.

It can be remembered that during his campaign, the then-candidate voiced his support for legalizing medical marijuana and also for giving autonomy to the states for legalization of recreational cannabis use.

However, after the election, the president turned cold on the issue, along with the very heated stance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions about marijuana. Sessions himself is clearly guilty of perjury yet we see nothing done about it, yet we still hear of his support for civil asset forfeiture, which unfairly targets the state-legal medical cannabis business operators and investors.

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division former director Lewis Koski believes that whoever will be appointed should have a solid stance on how a new enforcement must be designed, if any.

Dr. Sue Sisley, a cannabis researcher shares the same sentiment, saying that Rosenberg’s replacement would “set the tone for how the entire administration deals with cannabis.”

She adds that this person should also have the guts to challenge Sessions if any major turn would take place.

Not all

Not everyone, however, shares the same hope that a positive influence would come from the would-be head of the administration.

Anti-pot legalization organizer Kevin Sabet believes the appointee would be less likely to make any major changes in policies.

“They are taking their orders directly from the attorney general, who is taking his orders directly from the White House. If the president and Jeff Sessions together decide to shut down the marijuana industry, certainly there will be a role for the DEA but I’m not sure the administrator will make that call,” Sabet adds.

Sabet’s point makes sense. Whoever is appointed would either be submissive to the decisions from the higher-ups, specifically the Attorney General, President, and advisors (and likely Russians since they are puppets haha)

DEA roles

Among the most controversial role of the DEA is categorizing drugs – a heated emphasis placed on why marijuana is placed alongside heroin and LSD as a Schedule I substance.

The administration is also in charge of establishing quotas for producing drugs categorized as “illegal.” They also approve licenses for producers and researchers to handle drugs.

For now, everyone is on alert as to who will be picked. But marijuana advocates are crossing their fingers for someone who would improve the country’s evolving relationship with this widely controversial drug.

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