Cannabis Dealers in the UK Allegedly Giving Clients ‘Medical’ Advice

Some cannabis dealers in the UK are allegedly giving “medical” advice to their clients.

Dealers of marijuana based in the UK are said to be prescribing pot strains to their client base, following a marketing strategy used by marijuana companies in the United States.

Outsmart competition

In an effort to get ahead in the competition, dealers are now playing doctors, matching symptoms with cannabis strains that they think would help the patients alleviate various forms of suffering.

These dealers are said to gain information from self-research which they usually find from online publications and websites from the US that provide information about pot strains and their potential medical uses.

In an interview, a 28-year-old dealer said he wants to learn as much about the drug as he can so he will be able to adequately recommend the right strain to clients asking him for advice.

After he recommended a strain to a patient which he thought turned out to be positive advice, he turned to the internet to learn more about marijuana and what American firms say about the drug’s medical uses.

“One website said which weed is best for women on their periods, so I got some of that in too,” he says.

He also added that he sometimes gets these information from social media platform Twitter where tweets about which strain helps what illnesses are frequently found.


This dealer, and others like him in the business of cannabis retail and sales in the UK are hopeful that the country will follow what states in the US did to medical marijuana and finally decriminalize the drug.

Medical cannabis in the United States is only legal in the state levels. For now, 29 states and DC have approved the use of medical marijuana but the drug is still considered illegal on the federal level.

As pot is slowly desensitized and normalized among Americans, the stigma is lifting and businesses are embracing the economic and profitable potential of the drug.

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