Cannabis News: College students lost access to legal pot, and got better grades?

Maastricht University has recently changed its rules on their cannabis cafes, banning its students coming from neighboring countries while those from the Netherlands continued to have access to legal marijuana.

This prompted a study on the effects of legal pot access to students’ grades.

Study: Losing access to pot showed better grades

Participated by over 4,000 students, the Review of Economic Studies reported that those who lost access to legal marijuana showed substantial improvement in their grades. They reported an increase in their odds of passing their courses by over 5 percent.

Losing access to pot — is it the only way to get better grades?

This research seems like a strong study that backs up the claims that the students in the city of Maastricht get better grades when not using cannabis.

However, it does not take into consideration other factors affecting the grades of students such as alcohol abuse. Cannabis use is likely much less harmful than the amount of alcohol that U.S. college kids ingest.

Alcohol abuse is a huge problem among students and restricting access to marijuana does not resolve it. It even worsens the situation as they divert their attention to more harmful recreational substances.

Further studies need to be conducted before a conclusion can be made.

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