Cryptocurrency & Cannabis – A Guide to Weed Cryptocurrencies

I used to own a large bitcoin website about 5 years ago, and managed it for about 2 years, before starting this project, GetHigh. I never realized back then that potcoin would be a thing, nor would I ever have thought that bitcoin would be over $10k each. I remember when a Bitcoin was under $400 each. I even had a pretty impressive store of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but they were in an exchange Cryptsy, which got hacked, and I lost pretty much everything. Now I’m mostly spending my time in the cannabis industry, promoting this website and providing the latest news in the industry, with a unique, real-world no bs freedom that my writers enjoy. This article is my insight into the different cannabis cryptocurrencies, blockchain uses for the cannabis industry, and a comprehensive guide to the cryptocurrency in the weed industry.

WARNING: Some or all of these may have zero value in the future. Invest in any startup or currency with caution. Research each one on Reddit, Facebook groups, and other forums before investing in any. Look at their goals (whitepaper usually), how much they have done, who is one their team, and where the safe places to buy and store it are. We recommend buying all Bitcoin (used to then purchase many cryptocurrencies like those listed below) via Coinbase or similar reputable provider.

What are the weed cryptocurrencies of past, present, and future?

  • Potcoin – one of the more established weed cryptocurrencies is POTCoin. “Designed to empower, secure and facilitate the legal cannabis community’s transactions by creating a unique crypto currency for this thriving industry.


  • CannabisCoin – The CannabisCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for the Cannabis Community. Instant real world payments. Dispensary Tested.

  • DopeCoin – Dopecoin had some drama and is now Dopecoin Gold? It is a cryptocurrency that was designed specifically with the goal of providing a billion dollar industry with safer and faster way of doing business. In December 2016 DopeCoin went under new management and is being actively developed as DopeCoinGold.
  • Monero – Monero is a digital currency that is secure, private, and untraceable. This may be beneficial for the cannabis industry in countries where medicinal cannabis is illegal, as an example, as transactions are possibly more secure and private than let’s say bitcoin or litecoin.

  • WEED Ico – WTF is this, just strange rambling.
  • ParagonCoin – You may have seen the facebook ads with rapper The Game promoting ParagonCoin.

  • HempCoin (THC) – HempCoin was among the first 30 currencies developed in 2014 and is a highly focused digital currency for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Marijuana/Hemp Industry, built on the source of Bitcoin, its use includes the Marijuana dispensaries and the entire Agriculture/Farming trade business.

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) – this cryptocurrency is not directly cannabis related, but gets an honorable mention for a few reasons. First off, it’s got a solid team including the creator of javascript, in addition, it works in conjunction with the Brave internet browser, which is similar to Google Chrome, but blocks advertisements and trackers by default. It’s an amazing web browser, and it includes an in-development but functioning BAT wallet in your browser settings. This allows you to give BAT to websites like this one for the attention you spend on our website. With BAT coming to publishers like – we don’t have to add in advertisements or find ways to monetize our content, and instead spend all of our time on creating helpful cannabis articles and news. We mentioned this crypto previously in our article, “A Better Type of Online Advertising for Cannabis Businesses

Basic Attention Token from Brave on Vimeo.

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