CWCBExpo Los Angeles 2017 Followup!

Last week, the 4th annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) rolled into Los Angeles and Get High was there to take a closer look at some of the companies behind the weed you just smoked. That’s right. We’re watching you through your computer and know that you were just smoking weed. Will you please clean up your room for crying out loud! 

And would it kill you to take a shower? Yep, we can smell you through your computer too.

Ok calm down and stop being paranoid. We can’t really see or smell you through your computer but we have a pretty good idea that your room actually is a mess (perhaps ours is too).

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the CWCBExpo. There were dozens of companies that you will likely never hear of as they are more “behind the scenes” of the cannabis industry. Companies like Critical Climate, specializing in HVAC and controlled environments for indoor cultivation, or Root Sciences, with a giant contraption in their booth, that brought me to the conclusion that they are mad scientists, doing all kinds of experimentation to help manKIND better understand the science behind cannabis and hemp.


There were lighting companies, trimming machine companies, nutrient companies such as Advanced Nutrients who won the coveted Get High most beautiful reps of the show award (no offense to all of the other beautiful men and women in attendance), automation, extraction, packaging, even security and transportation (which is well worth paying for to ensure that your truck full of product makes it safely to dispensaries or a processing facility). Of course Greenspoon Marder was one of the main corporate sponsors as they have a Cannabis Law group who specializes in helping companies navigate evolving and often complex state and local laws and regulations. In other words, the show wasn’t for consumers, it was strictly business to business.

So let’s get down to business then. Just out of curiosity, how many of you are interested in working for, investing in or starting up your own cannabusiness? Raise your hands and keep them up so we can count you. Oh that’s right, we can’t see you. Anyway, we encourage you to leave a comment (no haters please) to let us know if there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about or a particular aspect of the industry you are interested in getting involved in.

In addition to about 100 exhibitors or so, the CWCBExpo offered seminars ranging from legalization to investment opportunities to streamlining your cannabusiness to diversity (Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the keynote on that topic – exclusive video at the bottom of this post) to growing techniques. One of the seminar highlights was “Hollyweed Entertainment” presented by Hollywood’s own Variety Magazine.

Expertly moderated by Shirley Halperin, Variety’s Executive Editor, Music, the packed session featured some big players in both Hollywood and the cannabis industry. First we have “Dr.” Dina Browner (the inspiration behind Nancy Botwin’s character on Weeds and the Cannabis Consultant behind the Netflix show, Disjointed, and according to Snoop Dogg, she is “The Queen of Cannabis”). Next up, we have the founder of Hollywood Studios, Steven Saxton (Executive Producer of classics such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Good Morning Vietnam and dozens of other award winning movies), and now also the CEO of Green Gorilla, an international hemp products company. To his left is Joshua Otten of PROHBTD, a leading multi-platform cannabis video network. Finally, there was Tom Hymes, Executive Editor of  MG magazine, a business-oriented cannabis magazine.



Shirley adeptly led the panel through a fascinating discussion of how Hollywood is doing whatever they can to help to “infuse cannabis” into our collective consciousness so that it loses its negative stigma. More and more TV shows and movies will show “average everyday people” (as opposed to criminal characters) smoking pot over the next several years, and likely beyond. This entertainment trend may help to pave the way for more states allowing both medicinal and recreational marijuana use in years to come (so those investment opportunities are looking even better, in my opinion).

The final session of the conference was offered by Rebecca Gasca of Pistil + Stigma, a self-proclaimed “policy wonk,” and a pro-cannabis industry lobbyist. Ms. Gasca, who actually volunteers to help people avoid getting busted for smoking weed at Burning Man (can you believe that they bust people for smoking pot there? Hint: Don’t smoke weed at Burning Man.), gave a very interesting talk about how Las Vegas (what happens in Vegas when you’re stoned makes it seem that much better) is now considering the possibility of passing legislation that would allow marijuana smoking lounges and other types of businesses designed to consume cannabis on the premises. Apparently, the head of the gaming industry is against allowing cannabis use anywhere that offers gambling. Perhaps he’s worried that people will freak out over losing all of their money when they are stoned?

All in all, the CWCBExpo was filled with positive energy and people who are like-minded. It wasn’t filled with a bunch of hippies and stoners, but rather business professionals who are there to support and encourage each other, earn a living and ensure that we can continue smoking weed legally throughout the US.

Here is an exclusive Get High Video with Rev. Al Sharpton:


Cannabis Event Photo Gallery:

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