What is a Dab of Wax?
a dab of golden wax - hash oil

I like to think of myself as a seasoned smoker, one who is ready and willing to try anything marijuana-related at least once. If I like it you can be sure that I’ll do it again, and if not well then I’ll just go back to the old tried-and-true methods that have worked for me in the past. Although I have had my fair share of first times I can honestly say that I have never smoked a ‘dab’ of wax.  I found myself wondering the other day… What is a dab of wax?  Why would you want to smoke wax?


this is a dab of wax - hash oil
a dab of golden wax – hash oil

The first time I was introduced to the term ‘dab’ was when a friend of mine was visiting me in San Diego. We did what all old friends do when they see each other for the first time in a good long while. We yelled hello at each other from down the street, hugged it out and then packed a nice fat bong. As we were sitting outside on my patio enjoying some of California’s finest bud my friend asked me if I had ever tried dabbing. I of course was already stoned and thought that he had misspoken so I laughed and told him to get it together. He started giggling because he was in fact already tuned up a bit, but assured me that dabbing was a real thing. After a few more hits and a few more laughs I figured out; A- what a dab of wax is, and B- concluded that I had never smoked one.

When someone refers to a smoking a dab of wax they are referring to a dose of cannabis concentrate – Butane Hash Oil (BHO) – that is placed on a hot surface (commonly a nail), heated and then inhaled. These waxes range from 50-75% THC, but some of the better breeds can even go to as high as 80% THC. To give you some perspective, at the Cannabis Cup (an event where marijuana fanatics come together to judge the best bud) the marijuana plants entered in the Cup were averaging about 25% THC. That means if you are used to smoking grass and you decide to switch it up and dab you are going to be getting as little as 35% to as much as 50% more THC than you are used to. Yeh, you heard me, 50%.

For those of you aren’t fully comprehending let me further elaborate… A dab of wax will literally knock your socks off. You will get high. Super high.It is very common amongst patients with severe pain and nausea, patients for whom smoking is simply not enough to cure what ails them. Although common among the medical community, dabbing is becoming more and more popular with recreational users due to its extreme potency. Case and point my stoner friend bringing it up in a casual conversation. I am perfectly content with smoking my good old fashioned sticky-icky but I must say that I am intrigued by dabbing and will most certainly be trying it in the near future.

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