How to Deal with Red Eyes When Smoking Weed

Having red eyes when smoking weed is not necessarily a bad sign, but there is a stigma attached to it in some public places. If you don’t want people to tell you that you look like the devil after smoking weed, it would be helpful to learn about dealing with red eyes.

Why you get red eyes

The eyes turn red because of the main ingredient (cannabinoid) of cannabis called THC. Because of its ability to decrease blood pressure, the blood vessels and ocular capillaries dilate. This encourages blood to flow through your eyes, causing the redness in capillaries.

Wearing shades when going outdoors is one option if you really have to head out. If you would rather not deal with people’s judgment for wearing sunglasses at night, then read on my friend.

How to avoid red eyes

The most common way to avoid having red eyes from smoking weed is to allow them to be moist enough. Building up tears naturally is one way to do it, or you may also use artificial tears or saline solution, such as Visine. Some people also find it more effective to use the drops before smoking. Drinking coffee or eating chocolate is another way to do the trick by constricting the blood vessels and ocular capillaries after they have been dilated. We recommend coffee and chocolate and visine if you’re going to be around policia haha!

A piece of advice

Red eyes following a smoke session usually last a couple of hours so you could always just wait until it subsides. If you’d rather roll one more, the best way to go is to not care at all. Plan to smoke when you’re not busy and stay in one place to chill where no one will judge you, even with bloodshot devil eyes.

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