Is It Difficult To Grow Weed?
Weed Growing in a Little Starter Crop
Weed Growing in a Little Starter Crop

Do you think that it’s hard to grow weed? Actually it’s not as hard as you imagine. Some of the reasons that people are being attracted to growing weed indoors is because they have the ability to grow it all year long and to be in control over the influence of the plants. There is an explosion of people wanting to learn how to grow weed and these people are reaping all the rewards because their weed is 50 times better than what they are usually using their money on.

Listed below are some tips that could help you in growing your weed:



You need to source your weed seed so you will need a strong virile seed. Go for a healthy and plump looking green seedling that looks strong and vibrant. You can purchase these from the internet.


Your weed plant will thrive if you give it the best conditions to do so. Top quality soil should be number one priority after obtaining your quality seeds. You will need sterilized soil otherwise you could end up with parasites that decay your plant so always start off strong and it will end up strong.



You will need to eliminate the chllorine from the water so allow it to stand in an open container for around 24 hours. This should evaporate the chlorine and will enable your water to steady itself at room temperature which is the ideal.


You will need light. The right indoor growing toolbox that you will need will consist of bulbs, ballast, timer, reflector and electrical inputs/outputs. Many types of lighting are used for growing weed and the different types of light are grouped into two. A-Grade and B-Grade.


A-Grade is known as HID (high intensity discharge) which are professional horticultural lights that have been developed for growing plants indoors. The HID lighting is highly recommended to start you off growing the weed that you want.

Metal Halide

These type of lights are a form of HID which range from 70 watts to 4500 watts. They are usually used for the phases of seedlings but can also be used for the flowering stage as well. Metal Halide kits are great to learn how to grow weed and come highly recommended.


Flourescent is the standard light for growing marijuana but the spectrum is not always ideal for this type of crop. With these kind of lights you wil lbe able to divide into warm, cool and daylight spectrums. When you look at the flourescent lights you should always look for the actual watts. Daylight spectrum bulbs are very useful as you can use a combination of warm and cool bulbs.


Air Circulation

Air circulation means a mild breeze on the your plants that is important for stem and branch growth. A little breeze stimulates the plant by stressing it just enough to cause the growth. When you use ventilation properly then you can get plants that are 3 times bigger because of this.


So there you go, with the right guidance you can grow your own weed as long as you buy good seeds, good soil and give it water, light and air.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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