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thc pills

THC Pills can provide the benefits of consuming cannabis without the risk factors associated with smoking it. They can be fun and relaxing, but if not dosed correctly, or not in the right set of mind, then can be a negative experience. Let’s review some of the basic information on THC pills below!

Conditions and ailments that may be treated with thc pills include:

  • pain
  • seizures
  • sleep disorders
  • anxiety and depression
  • cancer and cancer treatment side effects (primarily chemotherapy side effects)
  • arthritis
  • headaches

Pill form provides a vehicle for the chemicals to enter the bloodstream quickly, and deliver potent treatments. When marijuana is eaten rather than smoked it also produces a stronger and longer lasting effect on the human body. Recently people have spoken to the positive effects of CBD pills and treatment, with little to no THC in the pills. This is maybe fine for some, but there are studies that show the most effective treatments have THC and CBD, such as the Rick Simpson Oil, and other whole plant extracts.

Many reports and publications propose that THC is a valuable medicine but that the dosing aspect of it can be challenging. The cannabis plant has several hundred chemical compounds, some of which are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemicals that bind to receptors in the body and affect the brain and immune system. The top two cannabinoids found in marijuana are THC and CBD. CBD is non psycho active and comes from Cannabidiol and is used to treat anything from cancer to seizures and is often made into CBD OIL or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)


Effects of THC Pills

THC is the chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol, which primarily creates the psychological effects seen when consuming marijuana. The chemical stimulates cells in the brain that release dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter that creates euphoria and is also responsible for stimulating appetite and preventing nausea signals in the brain. Since marijuana pills are often prescribed to alleviate nausea, body pain, and increase appetite in patients suffering from cancer treatments and other kinds of diseases; the benefits of THC on the body are effectively delivered through the absorption of these pills. This particular chemical has a calming effect on the immune system and helps it to adjust and recover gradually. This is no longer true! So i striked it from the record, but wanted people to know that it was previously thought to be dopamine related, but know it looks more related to the CB1 receptors and their reception of the THC.

Weed pills can be extraordinarily concentrated, some with over 90% THC and enough to sedate even the most hardcore stoner. In pill form, capsules allow for maximum absorption of THC into the bloodstream, so while quickly addressing discomfort and delivering excellent pain relief for the individual, they can also be formidable. Side effects of taking too much THC can include feelings of paranoia or anxiety, shortness of breath, fast heart rate and even disorientation. Synthetic THC pills are legally marketed under the pharmaceutical name Marinol and have been introduced to be physician-prescribed as appetite stimulants, and as a medicinal treatment option for many other conditions.

Since the THC chemical can be lost or minimized while smoking cannabis, taking it in a pill form will successfully deliver a fully potent, targeted dosage specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. When these chemicals are exposed to high temperatures, such as smoking, the chemicals produce thousands of byproducts or carcinogens. Pill forms are preferential for this reason. CBD, or cannabidiol, the second most abundant cannabinoid is not present in the drug Marinol.


What is Marinol

Marinol is not cannabis. The drug Marinol is a synthetic cannabinoid that is marketed as a legal alternative to natural cannabis. Marinol is a schedule III controlled substance that is used to prevent nausea and vomiting and to primarily stimulate appetite in sick individuals that require help with consuming the nutrition that their bodies need. Marinol prescription weed pills are a legal version of medical marijuana. These legally prescribed weed pills have been FDA-approved since 1985 and are an effective controlled substance that comes in a gelatin capsule and contains manufactured THC and oil.

Synthetic marijuana contains a mixture of medicinal herbs that each produce individual, mild-effects. This combination of herbs produces an effect on the body similar to marijuana. Marinol is reportedly extremely psychoactive, meaning that the drug has a significant impact on mood and internal body-response. This can be attributed to the way the oral medication is absorbed while traveling through the body. Psychoactive drugs are chemical substances that cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the central nervous system and brain function.

Interestingly, the most effective anti-nausea medications are indeed the ones that involve the dopamine process in the brain. Nausea and vomiting occur when the brain must send a signal to address an internal condition that requires attention. Many medications also cause nausea while cannabinoids are effective for reducing it. Dronabinol is the active ingredient in Marinol which is the synthetic THC that alleviates nausea. Marinol pills are typically considered for use when other medications have not been previously effective at treating the symptoms of these conditions. This medication can be expensive, so it is helpful to understand that weed pills can also be made at home.


Creating Homemade Marijuana Pills

Cannabis capsules can be made from combining marijuana with coconut oil. Making weed pills is done by baking cannabis, cooking it into a oil-based liquid and then filling gel-capsules with the mixture.

First, the marijuana will need to be weighed-out in a portion of approximately 7 grams.

Next, the cannabis is placed in a make-shift aluminum-foil bowl and baked on a traditional baking sheet for about 20 minutes in a 225-degree oven.

After baking, the marijuana is ground up into a fine powder. Combining the powder with a tablespoon of coconut oil and then placing the mixture into a warm crock-pot is the final step in the cooking process.

After heating the concoction for three to six hours in the slow-cooker, the liquid must be cooled and then injected into the large end of capsules with an oral syringe. Once filled, the capsules are closed and then dried off. Keeping the marijuana pills in the refrigerator is recommended for storage and for preserving the integrity of the product. When making marijuana capsules, the concentration of the pills can be increased by incorporating less oil into the recipe.

Properly made Marijuana pills can be used to treat chronic pain and relieve symptoms caused by illnesses like multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS. While subjective, there is substantial physician-documented evidence that marijuana pills also have the ability to improve immune function and deliver effective relief without causing withdrawal syndrome.


Popular THC Pill Brands

When purchasing thc pills for medical or recreational use (for those in lucky states), you want to ensure you get a high thc percentage pill that has been tested for pesticides, solvents, bacteria and other harmful substances. Here is a short list of some of the best THC Pill companies in the U.S.:

  • Tetralabs GoldCaps THC Softgels – I have personally tried these and they are no joke. Very potent, very fun, and professional packaging/manufacturing/presentation. Super simple safe ingredients of: PureGold cannabinoid oil, grape seed oil, gelatin.
  • Dr. Stash Morning/Night (Sative/Indica) – Two different formulations. Not a ton of infomration about this company, but they add extracts like passionflower, lemon balm, and peppermint, so perhaps have added effects. This could be a positive or a negative depending on what your looking for. Ask your local cannabis doctor or budtender!
  • ABX Lab Soft Gels – I love that they publicly share their test results on the website, and offer 10, 25, or 50mg THC cannapill sizes.
  • Wünder Fruit Foods Coconut Capsules – fully decarboxylated hash oil with coconut oil in this cannabis capsules. 30mg or 60mg.
  • Delta9 THC Capsules – 30mg capsules from cannabis grown at Mendocino Harmony Farms. Tested at SC Labs.
  • Aphria THC Capsules – 10mg or 20mg THC Capsules – Florida only as of now.


We hope you enjoyed this overview on thc pills, and don’t forget to check out our other articles, the latest weed news found on the Get High homepage.

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  1. hezron onyango

    what is the pharmaceutical name for cannabichromene and how is it used for the treatment of antibiotic resistant boils

    1. Justin Meerkat

      I’m not sure of the pharmaceutical name for cannabichromene, but I did find one source pointing towards antibiotic resistance MRSA, which is Methicillin-resistant – “Cannabinoids (components of Cannabis sativa), including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabigerol (CBG), show activity against a variety of MRSA strains”

      Source is Appendino G, Gibbons S, Giana A, Pagani A, Grassi G, Stavri M, Smith E, Rahman MM (2008). “Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa: A Structure-Activity Study”. J. Nat. Prod. 71 (8): 1427–30.

      Link to source is https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18681481

      And also mentioned at http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/np8002673

      Good luck with your research!


    How long will thc coco caps last in storage?

    1. Justin Meerkat

      Depends on how you store them. If you store them in the freezer, a few months. If you just keep at room temp or in the fridge, a few weeks.

  3. Trina

    I wonder what ever happened to the THC pills that were sold on the street in the 70s?

    1. Justin Meerkat

      I think those were just fake, although I’m sure there were some legit ones also. I bet Cheech and Chong ate them all.

      1. T

        Could you give me an idea of just how expensive it is? 60mg

    2. Mark G

      Those were great.

  4. Troy McL wan

    Where can THC pills be purchased, and what is the cost?

  5. Unknown

    A side note
    You burp weed-smelling burps

  6. Derek

    They make your poop smells like weed too lol. I take 6 high THC capsules at night and 3 high CBD during the day and now my rheumatoid arthritis is alot easier to deal with

    1. Kathy

      So when you say that you take 6 pills at night, do you take all 6 at the same time? And during the day, do you space out the pills or take them all together?

  7. Ruth

    i just had surgery and my dr told me i couldnt smoke weed but i could ingest the oil so i just took a thc/cbd capsule…i just hope i get high cause i miss tht mellow feeling so much. I can smoke in 4 weeks and im literally counting the hours…granted im 61 yr old female who had insomnia all my life i finally started puffing and am loving how i sleep so peaceful and wake up without any after effects…

  8. Lj

    How strong is one capsule made the home-made way?

    1. Justin Meerkat

      That’s dependant on a number of factors, you’ll want to try only one and wait at least an hour or two to feel effects. You might even want to start out with half of one if you use a high quality, high thc strain to make your thc pills.

  9. Barbara Kaufer

    just curious, my boyfriend who suffers from on going pain from spinal issues and this is the first time he has had in his possession Procana, just need to know how this is taken, is it just swallowed as you would a vitamin? Thank you

  10. Kathryn Dunsmore

    I’ve been having problems with being extremely dehydrated since I started taking the THC pills. Is this a common reaction? Any advice?

    1. Justin Meerkat

      I would advise to drink more water and perhaps take less THC pills. I’m not a doctor though and this is not medical advice. Please consult your local doctor and or dealer.

  11. james

    Could you substitute the coconut oil for sunflower or sunflower oil, slightly healthier options?

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