When Famous People in Hollywood and Weed Mix…

Marijuana, the drug itself and the culture surrounding it, seems a total contradiction to the Hollywood, celebrity/socialite lifestyle. The word, “Hollywood”, conjures up late night cocktail parties with predatory, older men and young, plastic girls – cocaine on every glass mirror and sleek, black surface. Would marijuana be there? Probably not. But certainly a lot of booze and under-the-table deals involving the word “picture” (instead of movie).

As a side note: I feel the right to suggest these rather terrible scenes because I am living in west Hollywood currently & need a place to vent; besides, I came to a conclusion that these stereotypes were, in part, true – if not central to the town. Anyway, now I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Cocaine, Chanel, maybe booze, but marijuana? Thinking of people like Paris Hilton hardly conjures up images of weed…or, does it?

Paris Hilton’s famous cocaine bust in 2010 occurred because, according to a police report I found on MTV News, the police “[smelled] the strong odor of marijuana coming from [her] vehicle.” Then, they found cocaine in her Chanel purse (okay, this part is reminiscent of stereotypical young Hollywood). But, still…maybe celebrities smoke more pot than we think they do – they just conceal it to protect their image.

Yes, but then there are celebrities who smoke weed and are proud of it! Rihanna is one that easily comes to mind. In response to MTV’s tweet, “Yikes. @Rihanna’s marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy” (with photos attached of Rihanna smoking a blunt), Rihanna tweets back “Yikes…[email protected] ran out of f***’s to give.” I think it’s pretty obvious that Rihanna really doesn’t..um..give a f***. Before the supposed ‘controversy’, Rihanna had also supported the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, tagging her tweet “#catchup”. She has been seen smoking many other times, as well as donning apparel with the traditional marijuana leaf insignia. I, for one, think it’s cool that such a big pop star could so openly support pot; it just goes to show that weed isn’t necessarily a “gateway drug” for delinquent high schoolers.

Another celebrity who smokes pot and isn’t a delinquent high schooler (she claims to have gotten straight A’s in high school, but did drop out of college) is Lady Gaga. Gaga has made no secret of the drugs in her past. Saying once of her cocaine habit, “I’d get a delivery and then put on some Bowie and treat myself in the mirror.” Of course, by delivery she means cocaine, and by “treating herself”, she’s referring to doing her makeup before going out – she claims she always did the drug alone (this all according to Radar Online and a 2010 issue of Vanity Fair). Well, now she likes smoking pot – or did, at least.

In a Daily Mail article from December of 2013, Gaga claimed that once she takes a puff, she transforms into her seventeen-year-old self when she was “in [her] white gogo boots looking for a job” and that she felt more creative and liberated when she was high. Now, Lady Gaga is claiming that she was “addicted” and a GOP senator (Jeff Sessions) is citing her to advocate against pot. Well, you can’t win them all. Maybe Gaga is afraid it doesn’t suit her image – I know there was a bit of controversy when she first went public with her marijuana use. Now, with her popularity waning since The Fame Monster and Born This way, Ms. Stefani Germonatta probably wants to preserve as many fans as she can.
Then, of course, there are the celebrities we sort of already know smoke – like Seth Rogan, star of Pineapple Express, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg. They are very open with their habits and their careers seem to be oriented around marijuana, to some degree.

One comedian, not quite a celebrity, who has recently appeared on the cover of GQ, who smokes pot occasionally (not as much as he used to), is Louis C.K. Louie has a funny comedy segment, during his performance at the Beacon Theatre, where he explains how marijuana has changed since he was younger. In the segment, Louie decides to smoke weed in the parking lot after his show in Kansas City, with what he describes as “some twenty-year olds”. He explains his reckless abandon with excuses like “when I was a kid, you could just smoke a joint for a while. Now you take two hits and you go insane,” and “I didn’t know that they’d been working on this sh** like it’s the cure for cancer.” He ends the smoking session by screaming goodbye at everyone, deciding he needs to get out of there “because the air is hitting [his] arm weirdly and they can tell.”  This skit is highly relatable (and funny) and I suggest anybody who has felt like they were unable to interact socially after getting stoned (like me) watches it.



So, it turns out that more celebrities smoke pot than you know (or will admit to). Hopefully, more celebrities will be as positive and accepting as Rihanna and help get rid of the remaining stigma and wrong ideas about weed for all of us.

Justin Meerkat

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