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Inside MJBizCon & MJBiz Daily – An Interview with Cassandra Farrington

We were fortunate enough to schedule an interview with Cassandra Farrington, recently named one of the top 50 women in the cannabis industry! Cassandra is the CEO and cofounder of MJBizDaily, one of the most widely read cannabis industry news websites, and she also produces MJBizCon and MJBizNEXT, the...

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Biography of a Stoner: Jack Herer

jack herer

Avid cannabis smokers are probably quite familiar with the renowned Jack Herer strain, favorite for its focused, energetic high. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a dreamy combination of Northern Lights crossed with Shiva Skunk and a Haze. Since its origins in the Netherlands mid-1990s, stoners are head-over-heels for this ideal...

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Biography of a Stoner: Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman Cannabis

‘Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills,’ ‘Martha Stewart of Marijuana’ and ‘America’s First Lady of Cannabis.’ No, we are not talking about three different people. Cheryl Shuman earned all three titles with her charming and unique personality. Now, she is widely known as one of the marijuana’s biggest celebrities and...

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