Does smoking cannabis cause acne?

Cannabis is popular for both its recreational and medicinal benefits. THC, the main psychoactive in Cannabis rejuvenates the mind while CBD can eliminate stress and provide other benefits.  Despite these…

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What are Space Buckets?

It’s possible to grow and harvest up to two ounces of potent cannabis buds inside a customized everyday 5 gallon plastic bucket. These are called SPACE BUCKETS and are out…

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Welcome to the Ganja Games!

Most games that revolve around smoking weed seem like adaptations of popular drinking games. Any marijuana user knows the two substances have so little in common that this doesn’t always…

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Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Some correlation exists between marijuana use and later, harder drug use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse references studies where marijuana smokers first were more likely to develop habitual addiction—but…

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