43in 4k LED HDTV Giveaway

The Contest is over :( Congratulations to our winner, Holly Y. of Napa, California!  You're all winners though! For 5 days only, use coupon code: 15 off  at checkout of…

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Best Grow Lights for Weed

Deciding which type of grow lights to use on your cannabis crop is not nearly as simple as it once was. Traditional fluorescent lights remain affordable and widely available but…

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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

We have officially passed the midway point of 2017, so why is there still so much commotion about marijuana use? We’ve made progress in both the medical and recreational cannabis…

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Marijuana and Pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy Will Smoking Pot Harm my Baby?   Stoner ladies who are currently expecting, or soon plan to try for pregnancy, likely have one dominant thought in the…

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