How to get high at home like a boss!
cannatonic top shelf

We get it.  Getting High that is.  It’s our specialty.  We hope you also enjoy getting high.  Their are certain expectations to be had for a professional stoner.  Let’s break it down to a few basic requirements for boss-like absorption and enjoyment of marijuana.  Caution: the rest of the post is for those stoners who have significant money to spend and a job which allows staying at home and getting high all day (i.e. web developer, graphic designer, artist, musician, consultant, weed dealer, etc)

The How to Get High at Home Easy Master Plan

cannatonic top shelf
cannatonic top shelf

Step 1:  How are you smoking?  Or are you vaporizing?  The tool you use to consume your cannabis is extremely important to your boss status.  You have a couple top shelf choices for glassware and smoking, including Pure, Leisure Glass, Toro, EFS, BC 2012, Sovereignty, and many more (including your local glassblowers).  For desktop home vaporizers, you really only have two top choices, The Herbalizer or the Volcano.  We personally prefer The Herbalizer, which sets the standard with incredible performance and futuristic design.  You can get high at home without getting caught by family or visitors, by using the built-in aromatherapy function.

Step 2: Quality of Product.  If you’re going to be getting high full-time, make sure to use quality flowers and concentrates of marijuana.  This means top shelf medical (dispensary) quality marijuana, everytime, all the time.  Concentrates to mix it up, including wax, shatter, hash, and kief.  If you get dirt weed that hasn’t been tested for pesticides and thc/cbd percentage, you’re asking for a low rating on our getting high quality score.  In addition, a selection of at least 3 different strains is essential, as you don’t want to build a tolerance to one strain and be stuck in a non-high state of existence.

Step 3: Provide yourself and visitors with quality entertainment and Food/Beverage. This means at least one modern video gaming system, a HD flat screen tv, and a banging stereo system. For stoner beverages, we recommend a wide variety of juice, soda, and chocolate milk. For the stoner food, the essentials include chips, salsa, ice cream, sliced deli meats, candy, gelato, more candy, and fruit.


Note:  We do not recommend anyone to get high at home without weed.  There is not replacement for marijuana, and we strongly condemn anyone or website that recommends visitors to get high at home using homemade drugs or chemicals.  This is dangerous and stupid.  Make sure to get high at home safely, and respect yourself and your friends/family.

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