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The Jungle Boys have been creating amazing strains for over a decade. They have devoted their time to creating products that can treat various health issues, along with a lot of recreational benefits. They also offer a line of merchandise such as clothes to help promote and support their brand. These are true business men that make a difference in how business is done. Take the time to learn more about The Jungle Boys growing crusade below!

Jungle Boys strains are nothing to scoff at. They have become incredibly popular over the last several years all over the world. The Jungle Boys dispensary is called the TLC Collective and they offer all kinds of marijuana related products. They do not simply provide flowers. They provide seeds, edibles, topicals, and concentrates. These products can help to treat side effects of cancer and so much more. They know how important it is to offer options for those that may not wish to inhale smoke.

What kind of strains have they cultivated? Good question! They have cultivated Triangle Kush Popcorn, White, Orange Apricot, Topanga Canyon OG, and Triangle Kush. They offer many others, as well. There are well-known strains that are available such as Presidential OG, Skywalker OG, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Organic Sour Diesel. All of these options taste delicious and provide different effects for those that partake in them. It is best to look over all of the benefits.

For those that would prefer to use concentrates, there are many different kinds. Do you love Girl Scout Cookies? They have it in concentrate. These guys really know what they are doing. For those that enjoy a fruitier flavor, Sunshine Sherbert x Orange Apricot or Lemon Meringue WPFF Rosin really stand out on their menu. There are even vape pen options, with refills at affordable prices.

Tinctures are wonderful for those that seek pain relief without having to smoke. They offer various flavors that you can simply drop under your tongue. They even offer CBD tinctures without the slightest amount of THC. This is beneficial for those that seek the benefits of hemp, without obtaining the high. There are many different delicious edibles for those that enjoy wonderful treats. Ever have a white chocolate pistachio cookie? Or salted caramel? These are just two of their edibles that they offer. Thirsty? They have soda!

These guys have figured out what the people want and need. They have it all available in their Downtown Los Angeles location. They often have fantastic sales that are sure to put a smile on your face. They are completely devoted to spreading the knowledge and benefits of marijuana. Their number one goal is to make sure that everyone that needs it, can get their hands on it. With this education they provide, you are sure to be a connoisseur in no time.


Check out this awesome video from BREALTV Youtube – B-Real and Jungle Boys in The Smokebox


If you would like to see pictures, there is a Jungle Boys Instagram. They post some high-quality buds on there to show how wonderful they are!

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