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If you think cannabis can only be used to get high and for recreation, Rick Simpson is here to prove it wrong. After all, not many self-discover the cure for the disease they themselves suffer from…

If children were given tiny doses of [hemp] oil each day like a supplement, diseases like cancer, diabetes, MS, and many other conditions could be eliminated entirely. – Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson was kicked out of school because he supplied his teacher with a case of beer. Shortly later, he began work as a medical engineer in a Canadian hospital. Among his tasks, Simpson used a strong aerosol glue to cover asbestos on hospital pipes.

The Tragedy

He suffered a lot of problems due to the poor ventilation in the boiler room. On an unfaithful day in 1997, he collapsed off his ladder. He went into nervous system shock and fell, hitting his head very hard. Even in an unconscious state, he managed to call for help. His colleagues rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, even after treatment, he kept feeling dizzy and fuzzy for years after the accident. The continuous treatment only kept making his conditions worse with each passing day.

Simpson became fascinated by the idea of medical marijuana after watching a documentary called ‘The Nature of Things’ by Dr. David Suzuki, in 2001. After some additional reading, he consulted his doctor about the medical treatment from cannabis he had read about. Unfortunately, his doctors turned a deaf ear to him. Eventually, he began growing marijuana on his own. Trying to produce the extract he had studied and used them for his treatment. He ended up seeing a significant improvement in his symptoms.

The Cancer

In 2003, doctors diagnosed Simpson with basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. Sudden spots flared up on his body, one on his neck and two on his face. Despite several treatments from various doctors his cancer continued to grow. Even his surgery went in vain, leaving behind nothing but suffering and pain. Later, he turned towards cannabis for his treatment, encouraged by ‘The Journal Science Institute’ which reveals the capability of THC to kill cancer cells in mice.

When his attempt to convince his doctor for cannabis treatment course failed for the second time, he became determined to do it himself. He applied the highly concentrated oil extracted from cannabis over the cancerous patches. Wrapped them, and left them for days.


The Discovery

It did not take more than four days for the cancerous patches to disappear. It was no less than a miracle for Rick. In spite of the visible results, his doctor declined to accept a cannabis treatment course. He faced opposition from local authorities, pharmaceutical companies, health agencies and even the United Nations. But for Simpson, it was no turning back. He found the solution and was determined to help others relieve the pain they are suffering from various such diseases.

Simpson has a record of successfully treating over 5000 patients at absolutely no cost. His treatments include fighting against insomnia, diabetes, asthma, HIV/AIDS, osteoporosis, psoriasis, cancer, depression and much more.


The Criticism

Rick’s journey is not as simple as it sounds. Regardless of his genuine gracious intent in helping people fight various diseases, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) raided his property and destroyed all his plants. However, they didn’t file any charges against him at that time.

Rick handed over statements and videos of his testimonials from his patients to RCMP to show them that his intention was only to cure them. Sadly, it was all in vain. RCMP raided Simpson’s house for the second time in 2005 and seized all his plants. They also filed charges on Rick in 2007. However, the evidence Simpson submitted were not allowed in the court. Shockingly, Judges convicted Simpson for his crimes.

It was quite unfortunate that Simpson had to leave Canada. Since 2013 Rick left his hometown and is currently living in Europe. Simpson reveals, “People are under the misconception that I live in the US and all of this, and I can’t even travel to the US. The Canadian government gave me a criminal record for saving people’s lives, and that prohibits me from even traveling into the United States. So, I haven’t been in the US since.”


The Knowledge

He continues making medicines and spreading his knowledge. Simpson’s oil is affectionately called ‘Rick Simpson Oil’–or ‘RSO.’ The oil is prepared by extracting tremendously powerful decarboxylate from strong sedative Indica strains. These Indica strains have 90% THC levels. The recipe for creating RSO is readily available online. One can prepare it at home effortlessly.

Rick’s struggle to get his message spread across the world became even more intense ever since his conviction. He tries to convey his message to the masses through various means.
Christian Laurette’s 2008 documentary ‘Run from the Cure’ describes Rick Simpson’s story. It also captures interviews with people who were healed by Rick’s oil but were declined from testifying on his behalf in the Supreme Court of Canada in his 2007 trial. Although the movie is quite old, it is worth a watch. The second part is already in the making – ‘Run 2 the Cure.’


He has traveled across the globe to deliver talks on the incredible advantage of cannabis use as a drug. Here is a video of one of his speeches.


He has also written two books – ‘Nature’s Answer for Cancer’ and ‘Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story’ which contains a summary of information regarding the production of cannabis oil and the difficulties he’s faced trying to spread his knowledge. Both the e-books are available on Amazon.

Rick’s website covers a lot of issues on the topic of Cannabis-oil and the fight against cancer.

RSO is highly curative. However, it is advised to consult with a Cannabis professional before using it because everyone’s body tolerance varies. It is important to find your perfect dose.

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    I’d like to say Thank U Rick Simpson for so many people U have helped by not giving up. Can’t understand what is wrong with this country when something such as cannabis works so well in so many ways. Wish this country would wake up & let Rick Simpson back in the US. Big pharma ur a disgrace

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