Hillary Clinton’s Views On Marijuana Legalization
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There is definitely no other opinion that matters more to the public than the opinion of influential political figures and this is even more important when that political figure runs for presidency. Hillary Clinton’s views on the legalization of marijuana are a murky area that she is not ready to outright say which camp she falls in. It might sound crazy for some people to hear this, but the truth is that the view on the legalization of marijuana that each candidate displays, is going to have substantial weight in the vote of the people.

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It’s safe to say that her views on marijuana have changed progressively as elections are getting nearer and a larger number of people is considering the process of legalizing the drug. Her first impressions would always remind people that she would not have an official opinion on this matter until more medical research was made available in support of the safe use of the drug. She did mention that she was very supportive of the idea of not sending people to prison for marijuana use, but it wasn’t until the legalization of marijuana became a huge news topic, that she actually started to mention this more and more.

The biggest problem that most people have with Hillary is that she wants to remain in the gray area of this particular subject as long as she possibly can. She has announced that she is open for the legalization of marijuana, but it never quite seems like she wants to be too open about it because she has no interest in losing the vote of the millions of people who still oppose the legalization. She does believe that it can be a gateway drug and there has to be a certain level of law enforcement involved.


It’s also important to note that Hillary Clinton has always denied the use of cannabis and she said that she had no interest for it as a young college student and she is definitely not interested in starting to use it at this point in her life either. Some say she is lying, some believe her, but the important issue here is just how supportive she will be in regards to legalizing marijuana.

Bernie Sanders Supports Marijuana Legalization

Politicians have always played it safe when elections are near because saying something the wrong way or supporting something that is too controversial is always a very risky move. One that could cause them to lose hundreds of thousands of votes. The political advisers behind Hillary might keep telling her to be as neutral as possible and her constant reminders that proper research and regulations are needed, are evidence of her reluctant stand in regards to full support, which is something that we could expect from any candidate who fears the conservative backlash.

The next few months and going to be extremely important for every political figure that is running for presidency and it’s quite clear that marijuana will indeed play a major role in the vote. Millions of people have their eye on the legalization of this recreational and medical plant and some of them condemn it while others support it. There will always be people supporting marijuana and there will always be people against it, but legalization has convinced a large number of people that this is a safe product for moderate consumption.

We all know that any controversial subject is always going to prompt politicians to proceed with caution due to the divided opinions, but we will probably hear more about what politicians think of marijuana legalization and Hillary Clinton is going to have to answer more questions in regards to this particular subject.

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