Illegal Pot Growers in Colorado on the Rise Despite Lifted Prohibition

The state of Colorado is seeing a rise in the number of illegal growers despite lifting the prohibitions on medical and recreational pot.

Even with regulations set in place, Colorado’s illegal pot cultivation is getting worse. The city of Denver disclosed that they had to double the number of their new recruits in order to battle the state’s illegal cannabis market.

“It’s kind of known as the harvest season for us,” says Denver P.D. Sergeant Aaron Rebeterano. “People are starting to see the plants grow over the fences and they’re getting to a large enough size that they can be seen from public view just by walking by.”

Denver’s police teams have been receiving multiple reports from people snitching on their neighbors. It is said that the squad is now serving anywhere between five to nine search warrants every week due to reports coming from these neighbors.

Not your average grower

According to police observations, majority of these illegal growers are above your average household pot hobbyist. They are considering the possibility of syndicates running these grows whose primary motivation could be to sell the plant in areas where they are not legal.

Just this summer, the Colorado law enforcement agencies along with the DEA conducted what was considered “the largest illegal marijuana trafficking ring bust in Colorado history.” During the bust which was called the Operation Toker Poker, the police seized 2,600 illegal cannabis plants along with over 4,000 pounds of packaged marijuana.

Seeing what’s transpiring now in Colorado, it’s easy to speculate about a similar scenario happening in other states, especially in those where new rules make for much more expensive cannabis.

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