Get high & learn how to make weed brownies with brownie mix!
weed brownies with brownie mix

Are you ready to learn how to make weed brownies with the brownie mixes?  It’s the easiest way to make homemade edibles in mass.  Get High and hold on, because we’re about to get baking!

In this article, I’ll be giving directions on how to make a batch of seductive weed brownies.  We’ve all seen numerous directions and recipes on how to make pot brownies in the darkest recesses of the web, but the question still remains: Which ones are worth making and which ones do we throw out the window?  It’s a risky maneuver to invest your hard earned nugs or trim in a recipe from the internet.  Trust us, we’re GetHigh, and we’re professionals.

The idea behind making pot brownies is to get a different high from marijuana. In order to do this, the marijuana needs to be dissolved in some kind of fat, such as butter, to activate the other cannabinoids. Activating these other molecules gives you more of a “body buzz” than a head high, and is the primary reason people make weed brownies and edibles in general. You can use either oil (NOT olive oil) or butter as your base, but for the sake of taste and texture I’m going to give directions on using butter.

After combing the web and asking my stoner friends, dispensary owners & workers, and baked bakerss, here’s the best recipe and balance of weed I’ve come up with and exactly what you’ll need to make it:

how to make weed brownies with brownie mix
weed brownies with brownie mix
  • Two to three sticks of butter
  • Weed grinder
  • A box of brownie mix
  • Coffee filter (empty teabags work too)
  • Stirring spoon
  • Roughly 2 ½grams of good to excellent weed
  • One small pot (preferably with a pour spout) and one large pot


Step One:  Take your large pot and fill it halfway with water

Step Two:  Bring the water to a simmer

Step Three:  Place your small pot inside of it with two or three sticks of butter inside the small pot. Doing this prevents the burner from burning any of the butter while melting it. It’s the same idea behind melting chocolate.

Step Four:  Grind up your weed with the grinder and place it inside of the pot with the butter in it. The second, and most important, reason that we boil the water is to prevent the THC(Tetra-Hydro-Cannibol) from burning. If you burn the butter with the marijuana in it, the THC molecules become useless and you’re out 2.5g of precious greens. So make sure that you start from warm and work your way up to simmer because the reverse is an irreversible process.

Step Five:  Leave the burner on the low simmer you choose for roughly 2-3 hours

Step Six:  Play some videogames, Netflix, Get High while you wait

Step Seven: Take the pot with the butter in it (this is where the pour spout comes in handy so you don’t waste any of your butter) and pour the butter through your filter of choice. I’ve found in my personal experience that taping a coffee filter to the top of a measuring cup works the best

Step Eight: Pour your butter into your mix then proceed to mix together and pour into a baking pan. If your recipe calls for 350F for 20 minutes, cook at 325F for 15 minutes instead. Remember that if you undercook them, you can always pop them back in and cook them again

Final Step: After you take the weed brownies out of the oven and let them cool, cut them into squares and enjoy your body buzz!
Keep in mind though, with weed brownies, you want to be cautious with them because how strongly they effect you depends on you tolerance and body weight.


Enjoy your brownies, get high, and be sure to visit our Marijuana Documentary Videos or How To Videos (including tons of other weed recipes)

Justin Meerkat

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  1. Jeannine Stewart

    What size pan? Can you use the pre-made marijuana oils? (Medical marijuana purchased)

    1. Justin Meerkat

      Something 9×12 might work well, if you’re really looking for the cutting edge in brownie tray checkout this “edge to edge” brownie tray on amazon –

  2. Ebonee Hill

    How much weed like 50 or more

  3. Ebonee Hill

    Oh shit I see it I’m fucked up lol

  4. abel

    can u use iceolator? take the same ammount of time?

    1. Justin Meerkat

      You can sure give it a try! I imagine it should work well and possibly be around the same amount of time, let us know how it works out, and best of luck with your edibles!

  5. Curious George

    I have ready made brownie mix
    How do I add a 2 grams worth of weed into it to make sure it’s done right
    Any suggestions

    1. Justin Meerkat

      I suggest satisfying your curiosity, George, following this and perhaps referencing Google for some additional recipes. Perhaps they have one that includes bananas haha.

  6. nita

    So what do you do with the weed that’s left after you filter it???

  7. Renee Layden

    What’s the problem with using olive oil?

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