Currently listening to Kid Cudi – Marijuana while High and contemplating how such a good weed smoking song evading me for so long.  It’s a shame, as this song has everything from an sick classic electric guitar solo, sing-along sections of “pretty green bud”, and an upbeat tempo perfect for smoking a j or ripping a bong.

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Kid Cudi Marijuana Lyrics –

Pretty green bud all in my blunt, oh I need it
We can take off now, oh marijuana, yeah
Pretty green bud all in my blood, oh I need it
We can take off now, oh I know you wanna smoke

I be on it all day like my nigga Big Boi said
That’s the only thing that keep me level up in my crazy head
Stoned on the run-run, no fun, if not, it’s Scotty from the e-mail read
Man, I swear to keep it 100 if I ain’t have it then I’ll be dead
My soul’s been fed tonight everythin’ that I choose still can’t forget Grey Goose
Converse covered with mixer juice and all my niggas rolling up in the booth
Who got me on another one? Someone please roll me another one
They tell me all good things must end but those mothafuckas
Didn’t have this friend, I keep

Justin Meerkat

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