Marijuana and Vitamin C’s Influence on your High
oranges are a great source of vitamin c and taste good with marijuana

Almost everyone knows that Vitamin C is found in oranges and can help boost your immunity, but can eating an orange, or taking a tablet of vitamin C, potentially get you higher? I found myself first thinking about this when I was chugging a mango and orange smoothie, claiming, “I was staying hydrated” when my friend at the time looked over at me curiously. Naturally, we were both inebriated (scientific term for being high off anything – in this case, marijuana) and she said something I’ll never forget. “Isn’t that supposed to get you higher?”
I had never heard about this and asked her to tell me more, but she mumbled something about Yahoo answers and then I started inhaling my smoothie, and we forgot about it. Instead of researching vitamin C’s effect on marijuana, I just wound up mentioning the same thing to anyone who would listen – and hoped it was true.



oranges are a great source of vitamin c and taste good with marijuana
oranges are a great source of vitamin c and taste good with marijuana

Now, years later, I find myself pondering the same question and hoping that I will be able to understand the undoubtedly complex scientific explanation behind it. The first thing I do is type in “vitamin C THC” on Google (THC is a known compound found in cannabis). For some reason, I think that vitamin C must effect THC, as that is the only chemical compound that I know is in the drug. Conflicting information pops up. Some people are desperately hoping vitamin C will help them become sober and ‘cleanse’ their bodies; others are hoping for the exact opposite – that vitamin C will increase their reactions to marijuana. Most people do not give adequate answers; the things they say are vague at best.

Finally, I reach a page ( where doctors offer their knowledge about vitamin C. This search seems futile, as well, since the only thing one doctor has to offer is “oral vit c can cause loose bowels.” Unfortunately, this is not what I am looking for. I scroll down further. Dr. Randy S. Baker, who claims to be in holistic medicine, says that “[vitamin C] can affect levels of some antidepressants like sertraline.” I may be onto something.

Sertraline, commonly found in psychotropic drugs like Zoloft, is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). As I learned while studying physiology, this certain group of antidepressants works by blocking the reabsorption of serotonin and – thus – prolongs its time in the brain, and therefore availability. The reason this accumulation of serotonin is desirable is because many psychiatrists believe that depression is caused by an inadequate amount of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that, supposedly, helps monitor happiness by regulating levels of sleep, appetite, and the perception of pain.

Interestingly, cannabis is a well-known substance that helps regulate pain, appetite, and sleep. That is why it can be medically prescribed to cancer patients and those who are chronically ill, to help increase appetite, ability to sleep, and to reduce their levels of pain. Corroborating this idea, the UXL Encyclopedia of Science, states that cannabis was approved for use as an antidepressant in 1985. How does cannabis affect these changes? We know that serotonin is the targeted neurotransmitter in some antidepressants. What is targeted during consumption of cannabis? According to an article included in Go Ask Alice, a health journal funded by Columbia University, THC affects anandamide, a substance whose interaction with THC causes the sensation of relaxation throughout the body.

Could vitamin C somehow affect serotonin, with regards to antidepressants, and anandamide, with the use of THC? One website suggests that prolonged use of SSRI’s may increase sensitivity to vitamins, but this does not appear to be inherently bad. Indeed, most other websites say that taking vitamin C should not interfere with the effects of SSRI’s or any other kinds of antidepressants, at all. I find virtually no reputable information on the interactions between vitamin C and THC.

Desperate to find something, I search through the Science in Context database for information about vitamin C that could potentially provide me a link between THC, amandamide, serotonin, anything. I find one article, “Effects of vitamin C on the pro-inflammatory cytokines,…”, in the Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, that explains some positive benefits to taking supplemental vitamin C. In a study done on chicks, those chicks that were fed vitamin C had higher levels of total antioxidants in their blood. The chicks that were fed vitamin C also had fewer symptoms of certain inflammatory agents and, therefore, fewer allergies.

Unfortunately, I conclude that there is no real evidence showing that vitamin C has any real effect on the body’s response to THC, or serotonin, for that matter. It couldn’t hurt to consume vitamin C while high – it might boost your antioxidants and decrease susceptibility to certain allergens. However, I cannot safely say that vitamin C will help cleanse your body of THC or boost your high. Until there is sufficient evidence, we will have to leave this mystery unsolved.

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  1. I have an acquaintance who DID NOT consume “fruit” for 20 years because he believed that Vitamin C blocked THC absorption……….
    I feel sorry for him.. he desperately needs google-god in his life.
    i called Bullshit on his claim… but had to check my stance to see if I owed him an apology.
    all good
    thanks for posting

    1. Well just like any other thing everyone s body is different so therefore your acquaintance could be correct. Best part of the whole thing try it and see what happens it’s not like either will harm a person. For me, I find Vitamin C as a blocker. Cheers,

  2. Well, I stumbled on your article after doing a search Cannabis/Vit C after observing something with me. I take homemade canna caps that are fairly low dosage CBD/THC. The other day I took one midafternoon with 3,000 mgs. Vit C , much later (3 hrs) I noticed I was feeling pretty high. I thought it could be the addition of the Vit C because this was the first time I had ever taken them together and I usually feel only the slightest affect. So I decided to try just the canna cap alone the next day and just a barely noticeable affect. And Today I tried the canna cap with the addition of 3,000mgs. Vit C , I am High. So for me I know Vit. C increases the potency of cannabis and will continue to experiment with different doses.

  3. I usually don’t comment on blogs, but today I had too.

    I smoked weed for the first time about 2 months ago. I smoked it with tobacco and felt high, but last night before going to bed I smoked a joint and was thirsty, so I put one of those vitamin C tablets in a cup full of water and drank all it.

    Five minutes later, I swear I felt like I was seriously going to die. My mind was about to explode from extreme spinning, nausea and genuine feeling of death. It feel like billions of things we just spinning inside my head. I got up from bed threw all trace of marijuana I had off the balcony and was certain at this point either I was going to die, have a stroke or feint. I put on my close and quickly decided to go outside, better collapse outside where people will find you than die alone in your house. Anyway, even outside it didn’t calm until about an hour later when I had kept walking to the most crowded place I could find, this was 3:00 am. Finally after an hour it started to get less and less tormenting. At one point I almost stopped people walking by to call an Ambulance for me.

    Anyway, I don’t know what happened I have taken the vitamin C and the weed separately and no problems. So, combining those two definitely was the issue. I searched all day today trying to learn what I had done or what went wrong but like this blog no one seems to mention the horrifying feeling I had.

    I can’t express with enough words how It was but if someone is reading this, then DON’T TRY IT!!!!

    I have seen a lot of shit but this was the single most scariest thing I went through and I feel lucky to even be alive.

    1. Wow I’m glad you’re alright, stay away from those vitamin c tablets!

    2. You were tripping dude. It happens to everyone who smokes at some point

  4. It is my understanding from talking with a doctor quite involved with CBD & medical marijuana that vitamin C plays a fairly significant role in reducing or helping to limit the effects of marijuana tolerance in those who have had THC on a fairly regular basis which can greatly reduce the noticeable effects of THC. The same is true for an ingredient in green tea. Exercise and steam baths that promote sweating further help by clearing Cannabis receptors faster although taking even a 3 day break from THC along with exercise and sweating can dramatically reduce tolerance issues and thus allow the THC effects to be greatly improved. Mangos apparently work a bit differently by increasing the terpenoids that interact with THC in the blood stream and thus intensify the effects of THC.

  5. Cytochrome P450, grapefruit, ascorbic acid,THC heavily stop metabolism or interfere at least (and interact) of near all other drugs (whichever ones that go thru there). Additionally ADHDers need to watch out and make sure any meds are “clean on 2D6” and the like.
    MISDX Anxiety disorder *unknown ADHD (severe) and BPII (less noticable, obv not a joke either). Effexor plus weed made me super crazy. 19-20. 26 took adhd medicine… and survived PSSD and effexor many yrs before.

    Dexedrine 26 and it’s great, but nearly died last yr bc of Finasteride. ALWAYS hated weed bc of racing thoughts (that I have anyways, and not putting me to sleep, and uncontrollable facial movements, paranoia, even hallucinations). Cannot smoke with friends, only vape or oil heavy in CBD, and as an adjunct to D-amp (Dexedrine) and Alpha-GPC (choline 40% by weight – stabilizing somewhat along with dex, and some tiny amt of MMJ keeps mood good, like ppl more etc). Been thru crazy terrible things in life mostly at Big Pharma and socialized healthcare’s hands… BUT saved my life 20 and 29. 2 post drug disorders and finally correct diagnosis (wrong at 19, correct at 26, more correct 29-30).

    Pain in the ass…. BUT: MMJ helps a bit… I am not one that needs mood stabilizers like 99% of the time, but I get the craziest reactions outside of vodka, coke, dex, etc. I am clean and workout and fast a lot (fasted training much of last 14 yrs). That and work … and keeping self busy. I’m glad new innovations and techs like CO2 extract exist and CBD, and eventually CBC I think. That may be 10-100? times more beneficial as a mood enhancer.

    -I only ever tried one mood stabilizer, destroyed my hair in less than 3 months. Then took finasteride, Neuro, endocrine, vision, digestive, urological, thinking, etc side effects. Every system. Suicidal 247 for months, till I fasted 30 days and rebuilt. Ripped and strong.
    -I beat obesity, got excess skin surgically excised, beat cocaine, alcoholism, near death exps, death threats, etc, etc.
    -Post finasteride syndrome and Effexor Mania wwere way worse than BPII/ADHD (just labels). They are hard… but never manic months straight outside of that SNRI and never accutely suicidal -outside of finasteride (pissed off, depressed, sad for sure… but suicidal? No).
    -IF MMJ helps people with Sz, BP, etc avoid hardcore terrible drugs that may have horrendous side effects, than great.
    -I hate big pharma. Dex and ritalin are old enough… SNRI’s, SSRI’s, and chemical straightjackets and even derma meds (accutane and fin) are way way worse than hard drugs.

    -WEED isn’t benign tho, but I have seen it help people with serious mental disorders and things like brain cancer. SO it’s stupid to penalize against it so harshly. THings changing now, it seems.

    1. Thank you for sharing this helpful info and your experiences. Appreciate the feedback and take care!

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