Marijuana wins in Poland as President signs medical cannabis bill into law

Poland has just become the newest European Union member country to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

President Andrzej Duda has given the go signal on July 20th when he signed the medical cannabis bill into law.

Poland’s cannabis reform

In 2015, the debate of medicinal pot usage in Poland strengthened after a doctor got fired for administering marijuana to children with epilepsy as part of his experiment without his superior’s consent.

The bill was co-authored in 2016 by rapper-turned-politician Piotr Marzec-Liroy-Marzec. Following Poland’s Congress’ voting in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, the Senate voted to pass the said bill on June 29th.

On July 5th, the Health Care Committee recommendation to move the bill forward paved the way to the office of the president. The law will take effect in October.

Celebrating the win

Cancer patients who are suffering from chronic pain, nausea and vomiting caused by treatments can now find relief in medical marijuana. This also includes those who are dealing with drug-resistant epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

The qualifying conditions are not completely laid out in the legislation, allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana even for treatments based on new studies.

In an interview with, MP Liroy-Marzec said, “The Polish Institute of Cannabis will be starting right now. Education on cannabis is what Poland needs, for the doctors, judges, and pharmacists.”

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