Massachusetts Medical Society Aims to Educate More Doctors About Cannabis

Here’s a fact: evidence of the potential medical benefits of marijuana remain mostly anecdotal than scientific. And in Massachusetts, doctors recognize this. But how do they persuade the people to be cautious about cannabis use when the drug has been legalized in the state both for medical and recreational purposes?

This is the concern that the Massachusetts Medical Society sought to address. Now offering a continuing medical education curriculum on marijuana, the Society aims to help a secure implementation of the law.

Curriculum coverage

Medical education website crafted the curriculum which will teach doctors about marijuana dosage and how it can possibly interact with other drugs in the body. Included in this curriculum are the medical, physiological and mental health impacts of cannabis. The usage of medical marijuana for the treatment of cancer symptoms, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other types of serious conditions are to be tackled as well. Most importantly, the curriculum will provide information about recommending marijuana and its regulatory complexities on the federal level.

Currently, there are 210 doctors in the state of Massachusetts who are certified by the state to recommend cannabis to their patients. The rest remain skeptical about this treatment option.

“We’re not in any way urging people to write for this,” says Massachusetts Medical Society President Henry Dorkin. “But it’s a fact of life that marijuana exists, it’s legalized in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the reality is physicians need to be educated about marijuana, and they need to learn to deal with its effects on patients.”

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