Nevada’s Legislative Council Says Yes to Consumption Lounges

Marijuana consumption lounges in Nevada may be opening soon. Thanks to an affirmative letter from the state’s bureau of legislative council to Senator Tick Segerblom which stated that such businesses don’t violate state laws.

Dated September 10, the bureau’s letter also freed festivals, concerts, and other one-off events where cannabis might be consumed from possible sanctions.

“It is the opinion of this office that a business may establish and operate a lounge or other facility or special event at which patrons of the business are allowed to use marijuana in compliance of state law,” Legislative Council Brenda Erdoes wrote in the letter.

Not all

State cannabis advocates, entrepreneurs, and representatives find the decision a massive progress to the state’s cannabis movement. Still, not everyone is amused.

Nevada state Governor Brian Sandoval stated that he objects to Erdoe’s decision. He calls on support from the office of the attorney general Adam Laxalt to influence the state’s tax department to prevent such lounges from opening via some statutory laws.

No official statements on the matter from both the office of the attorney general and the taxation department has been given to date.

Wary dispensaries

Despite the state’s move towards a positive future for cannabis in Nevada, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, dispensary owners and investors are still wary of making any bold advances.

“I would like to see a cautious approach,” says Andrew Jolley, president of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

Jolley believes that the legislative council’s decision may be a huge step towards what they want but they also recognize that “it can be a thorny issue and may not be solved overnight.”

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