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It was February 15th and Seedless Clothing was having their annual Prop 215 Party in Ocean Beach. It was seriously one of the sickest events I’ve been to, with some of the most bomb products on the market, from SuperBaked Edibles  to Always Greenest Delivery Service. As I walked through a crowd of people excitedly looking up at the stage set up on a roof above us, I stared down at the ground trying not to fall and break an ankle in my favorite wedges. The music was awesome, we were all jammin’ and I was in my own world, when suddenly, a shirt fell from the heavens and laid at my feet. Naturally, being the already confused person I am, I asked the people around if it belonged to them when they told me they were giving out free shirts. The crazy thing was when I opened it, it happened to be a shirt for the very product I was there to do an interview about! BluntBling! It was a sign! A sign from the heavens yo! Telling me that this was a product that everyone needed to know about and that every stoner needed to have. I looked up and saw Eli sitting up on the roof near the stage while SoPhyne performed, setting the perfect feels for being on cloud 9.

bluntbling in blue

I met Eli at an Americans for Safe Access meeting, and we automatically became homies. We immediately started talking business. He told me about this amazing product he invented, and gave me one to try out. Since I have had it, I kid you not, I have used it almost every single day. I absolutely love my BluntBling. That’s exactly why I’m writing today, to spread the good news to the world: the answer to your blunt probs is here my friends.


Eli shown with his sales manager and Medicinal Mike, of NugLife Radio
Eli shown with his sales manager and Medicinal Mike, of NugLife Radio



BluntBling is a portable smoking device that is absolutely perfect for the on-the-go or blunt loving smoker. It can be used as a crutch for blunts and joints, or as a pipe that will last bowl after bowl. It’s a lightweight piece that consists of as many attachments as you care to add. Each attachment is about half an inch long and has the ability to screw onto another to extend the length. The BluntBling is a thin, hollow tool that is about the size of a pen in width. The mouthpiece has a screen that acts like a filter that also helps to keep flower from flying into the back of your throat.

BluntBling Caps

Not only is it discrete, it’s classy. Back in the day, people used a long cigarette holder to keep their finger tips from the smell or becoming discolored. BluntBling has the same effect. You can find one wing and a variety of colors including a camo, a Rasta and one that looks like a cigarette,  that will soon be released. Eli actually got the idea after he designed a tool to repair broken cigarettes called CigFixer. After 10 prototypes he perfected an indestructible tool for smoking marijuana, calling it BluntBling and it was an instant hit!

There are many ways to utilize this awesome little piece. Use the BluntBling instead of a roach clip when the blunt gets too small to hold. Sometimes you get deathly close to setting your eyebrows ablaze when the end of the blunt goes out and you try to relight it. Just place it into one of the chambers and add a couple more between the loaded one and the mouthpiece, and you’ll never singe off your beautiful eyelashes again. No more burning your lips and fingers when the end of the blunt gets a little too hot, which is what SoPhyne, a hip-hop and rap artist considers one of its highlights.

BluntBling shown with a joint

SoPhyne is a true believer in this product and proudly boasts it. When he and Eli met, they became best friends immediately. They just clicked and they believe in helping each other out. His music has charisma and reality mixed in with dope lyrics. After getting his BluntBling, SoPhyne liked it so much he put it on Instagram. People loved it and started requesting it. As he stood atop a stage on a roof top with Eli, at the Seedless Prop 215 party, he serenaded the crowd, he threw blunt bling T-shirts to the crowd below. After his performance, he even came down to talk with Eli and I about just how much he loved BluntBling. He quickly rolled up a blunt of some dank, and threw it in the BluntBling. I have to say, I was immediately sold. Needless to say, I will soon be ordering the Rasta colored one.

Now, let’s get down to how this blows any chillum or one hitter out of the water. A chillum only holds a couple of hits and a one hitter, well obviously only holds one hit. With the BluntBling you can take apart the different chambers and fill each one with herb. Grind up your bud and put as much as you can in your BluntBling, then put it in your pocket to smoke later, rather than carrying around your nug, and a piece or a dugout. Plus, when you do spark it, you light it once and it continues to burn just like a blunt. Forget passing around the lighter and risk someone jacking yet another one of your most precious assets.

Back to blunts and joints. You know that moment when you grab the blunt out of your bag or pocket, and as it turns out that foil packet that they came in doesn’t do much for protecting and preserving the goods within it? Yeah, your blunt has turned into a bent, sad banana, or worse, it’s fractured in like five different places. Not anymore. Now, I can happily and carelessly bounce around in my tutu at EDC and not wind up twerking my blunt to death. All I have to do is roll up a fatty, and put that bad boy in the BluntBling and screw on the cap, where it will be safe and protected from all of the other less necessary things in my bag.

Not only is it useful to safeguard your blunt in your pocket, it’s also good for conserving weed when you’re smoking it. When you don’t have much bud to share, the BluntBling helps to conceal your blunt so it appears that you have less than you do. This reduces the likelihood that someone will make a move to get in on a hit. Of course we all believe in love and sharing, and yes, sharing is caring. But we have all had to ball on a budget every once in a while, and sometimes smoking everyone out is not the most wallet friendly decision. We need our meds!

BluntBling is a lightweight, ingenious, invention that was created to solve your on the go smoking problems. Pipes are too chunky to haul every where and a chillum only holds a couple hits of bud, which is no good for mingling and smoking out your new homies, when you do have enough ganja to spare. When you go to music festivals and cannabis expos, you want something small and portable. BluntBling is the best utensil you can have on you at all times anywhere you go.

You can find your BluntBling in a variety of colors for both men and women at smoke shops in San Diego, or online at BluntBling.com.  GetHigh.com readers get $5 off with promo code Gethigh! Get yours now! SoPhyne’s new song, “California,” featured in the BluntBling video below, and all of  his music can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud. Follow him on Instagram at @mrcalifornication and follow @bluntbling to see more. Don’t forget to follow us as well @gethighdotcom.



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Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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