New Review Determines Top Causes of Pot-Related Injuries

The American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy recently published a review determining the most common causes of marijuana-related emergency department admissions. The data was mainly harvested from cases in Colorado.

Top causes

According to the review, the top five causes of marijuana-related injuries are:

1. Accidental pediatric ingestion

Cannabis edibles can easily be mistaken as normal food. Most of these edibles are highly concentrated and can therefore be fatal when accidentally fed to infants and babies.

Safety measures were recommended to make sure the little ones are safe from accidentally ingesting pot. These include childproof packaging, and making sure they are not packaged or marketed in any form that will seem enticing to children.

2. Acute intoxication

Acute intoxication refers to using too much cannabis. In Colorado, cases have increased, with a majority of them coming from outside the state.

Because the state is a hotspot for cannabis tourism, dispensaries are already making moves to ensure that their clients are properly educated and informed about the danger of acute intoxication and how best to prevent them.

3. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, otherwise known as CHS, is characterized by repeated vomiting episodes caused by heavy, regular cannabis use.

It’s a condition that researchers agree need to have more in-depth data to reach a more solid conclusion.

4. Synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabis, as the name suggests, is not true pot. They are designed only to mimic the effects of the drug.

Synthetic cannabinoids are mostly known as SCs, Spice, K2, Scooby Snax, etc. Experts warn users about the harmful potential of these synthetic pot forms which can be fatal and result to death.

Experts say the prevalence of synthetic cannabinoid cases only reflects the lack of proper user education on the drug and if it has possible safe alternatives.

5. HBO or butane hash oil

Although the manufacturing of hash oil using flammable solvents have been made illegal in 2015, the law wasn’t sharp enough to stop violators from still producing their own BHOs at home.

This has been the cause of many home extraction accidents that resulted to ED admissions.

A recent study also demonstrated that the process of heating highly concentrated cannabis oil may be carcinogenic, something that is too serious to ignore.

For neutrality

For all the reported medical potentials of cannabis, the review seeks to highlight that the facts should be balanced and weighed neutrally so users, legislators, and professionals in the marijuana-related businesses can make more informed decisions about pot use, regulation, and cultivation.

But is it shocking? For an industry that has just taken its roots, problems are due to arise and are therefore expected. The question now is: will these findings support or hamper a positive future for cannabis?

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