Obama administration continues to support punishing adults for using a substance that the president acknowledges is safer than alcohol

While President Obama, a former user of marijuana, stated that marijuana is a safer substance than alcohol, his administration continues to pursue punishment for a substance that the majority of Americans believe should be decriminalized. We  have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world mainly based on a failed war on drugs, mandatory minimum sentencing laws, DEA propaganda, and draconian policies.

Obama Marijuana


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The 2014 National Drug Control Strategy released Wednesday by the White House entails staying the course on the failed policy of marijuana prohibition. The strategy can be viewed and downloaded at http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/ndcs_2014.pdf

The plan demonstrates the Obama administration’s position that adults should continue to be punished for using marijuana, despite the president’s acknowledgement earlier this year that it is a safer substance than alcohol. In an interview published in January by the New Yorker, Obama said marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.”
Approximately 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses in 2012, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report released in September. More than 87% were for simple possession.
Statement from Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project:
“The drug czar’s office is still tone deaf when it comes to marijuana policy. It appears to be addicted to marijuana prohibition. Why stay the course when the current policy has utterly failed to accomplish its goals?
“The strategy even goes so far as to lament the public’s growing recognition that marijuana is not as harmful as we were once led to believe. President Obama finally acknowledged the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, yet his administration is going to maintain a policy of punishing adults who make the safer choice.
“Most Americans think marijuana should be made legal, and even the Justice Department has acknowledged that regulating marijuana could be a better approach than prohibition. Legalizing and regulating marijuana is not a panacea, but it is sound policy.”

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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