Ontario Sets Guidelines in the Selection of Cannabis Stores

The Canadian province of Ontario is setting plans to motion as they identify possible store locations that would sell and distribute marijuana in 2018.

The federal government of Canada will officially legalize cannabis in July 2018 and various provinces are taking appropriate measures to ensure the lawful use and distribution of the drug.

A framework with this aim was established by the province in September including the creation of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario which will oversee the sales of cannabis via the stores. An online ordering platform is also planned.

Following this framework, the province will use the following considerations in order to identify the most efficient locations for the stores.

  • Ensure the geographic distribution of the product throughout the province
  • Reduce the number of illegal stores – dispensaries included – that are currently in operation

The framework makes it clear to protect the youth from the illegal cannabis market, hence, the prohibition of stores near campuses and schools.

Public feedback

Once a location that passes the framework’s guidelines has been identified, the LCBO will post an announcement online and on the specified location to let the public know that the place is a potential locale for a cannabis store.

This way, the public has time to provide feedback about the proposal, post their concerns, and ask questions about the move.

The government will also execute evaluative measures to make sure the current approach will meet the conditions of the law and ensure the safe and responsible sales and distribution of cannabis throughout the province.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder GetHigh.com | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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