Oregon’s New Recreational Marijuana Laws! Who’s Next?
Oregon Creates Legal Marijuana Sales

Check The latest Recreational Marijuana Laws in Oregon as of October 2015!

There have been many changes surrounding the laws for marijuana use in many locations all over the world and Oregon has now made some substantial changes in regards to their local laws. We are going to be talking about this subject and the expectations that the people of Oregon have in regards to recreational marijuana use.
The new law that is to become active on October 1st, 2015 is going to allow anyone over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational reasons. This used to be allowed only for people who had a medical prescription, but all authorized medical dispensaries will be able to sell it to people over 21 years of age without the need for a medical condition to be the reason for the purchase.

How much recreational marijuana can you buy in oregon?

The limitations to the purchase of marijuana will be of 7 grams per day, which is a quarter ounce. That is actually quite a bit of marijuana and it would allow for anyone to smoke around 8 to 10 joints on average. This law is also going to allow for people to purchase something that is known as “clones”. This is basically a way for people to purchase starter plants and they can also buy any number of seeds they want.

Where will it be available?

According to the Oregon health Authority, there are 345 dispensary applicants, but they will be given the choice to sell marijuana for recreational reasons or to continue to sell it only to people who have medical conditions. The amount of stores that will be granted licenses and permits to sell marijuana in the state of Oregon is probably going to be higher by the end of next year and this means that people will have plenty of choices in their area.

Limitations for recreational consumers

There are some limitations that recreational consumers will have to deal with for a while. One of them is that concentrates and extracts of has oil will continue to be sold only to patients and caregivers. Those who purchase for recreational reasons are also going to have to wait longer for edibles made with marijuana to be available for them.
There will probably be laws allowing people purchase cookies, brownies and other foods that contain cannabis, but this is not going to be possible for the remaining months of 2015. This is definitely something that the Oregon Health Authorities are going to be looking into sooner than later.

Legal issues

If you are interested in purchasing marijuana in the state of Oregon, you should know that it has become perfectly legal to do it. Just remember that certain laws continue to be active and you can be charged for possession if you are holding more than the legal amount that is allowed for people to carry. Anything above 16 ounces could be a problem.
Other important information to keep in mind:
*Identification will be requested for purchase.
*It will cost around $10 to $15 per gram.
*It will not be subject to sales taxes for a while.
*Anyone from other states can buy marijuana in Oregon.
*It will not be allowed for public consumption.
*The fine for public consumption is $1,000.
The laws regarding the ways in which marijuana can be sold and distributed are definitely going to be changing with time. October marks the beginning of a whole new stage for the state of Oregon in regards to marijuana use and it’s going to be interesting to see how the laws will be regulated depending on the outcome in the following years.

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