The most popular ways to smoke weed
Smoking Weed with The Herbalizer Vaporizer

Smoking weed has always been a thing, but stoners these days have parent’s that will tell stories of devices like stoves for hot knives and kitchen sinks for gravity bongs. Nowadays, we hear about Volcano vaporizers, oil rigs, tincture pens, and God knows what else has came out since 2015 even started.

For a newbie, it can be hard to jump into the weed game. What contraptions should you be trying out once you upgrade from the typical joint? This list of the top 5 most popular ways to smoke weed should help sum that up for you.

Here are the five most popular ways to smoke weed.


smoking weed with a vaporizer
Smoking Weed with The Herbalizer Vaporizer

Smoking a Joint or a Blunt

As expected, the most popular way to smoke weed is in a joint. The younger stoner generation alternatively prefers the blunt. Either way you’re getting high, so congrats.  Rolling a joint or blunt is an art form. This consists of taking marijuana and putting it into rolling papers and rolling it, much like a cigarette would be rolled by hand. A paper filter is usually added in at the end. The joint may be baptized to encourage slower burning. The joint is usually baptized by using your mouth to moisten the end that will be lit, up to about halfway up the joint. Don’t slob on that shit.

Smoking joints provides longer-lasting effects, but they’re not as heavy hitting as blunts, and definitely not bongs. Both smoking blunts and smoking joints are not very efficient when it comes to actually consuming the THC that gets you high. Vaporizing is much more efficient.


Bong Tokes & Bubblers (water pipes)

The next most popular way of smoking weed would be the bong toke. Glass bongs are suggested as they provide the healthiest mouthpieces and pathways for the user. Other materials are popular, but most are not recommended. There are endless bong designs and features available.

Doing bong rips provides a quick-hitting high that goes a way a lot faster than a joint high. It’s more intense, but often has a more intense come-down, as well. Many choose to keep the bong tokes for smoking sessions, where a few buddies will get together and sit down for a little while to toke in a circle.


Pipe Hits

Many smoke out of pipes as they are easy to conceal and carry. Metal and glass pipes are the most common. Glass pipes are always suggested as they are healthier, tastier, and often look nicer. Pipes vary in designs and features. Some come with chokes, others do not. Some popular styles of weed pipes include bubblers, hand pipes, novelty pipes, and water pipes.

Taking hits off a pipe works when people don’t have anything else on them to use. Pipe hits are fairly effective and serve as a cross between joints and bongs. The effects come quicker than they would when smoking from a joint, but they aren’t as intense as they would be when toking from a bong.



Vaporizers are popular as they provide users with a healthy way to “smoke weed,” but users aren’t really smoking the weed. This still deserves a spot on the list, as weed users tend to smoke the herb for it’s high-inducing effects. This can still be achieved when using a vaporizer to vaporize the weed.

A quality vaporizer can extract the THC and other chemicals from the weed and deliver it right to you. This can be done through a whip draw, via a whip attachment. It can also be done through a bag, which is inflated with vapor. When choosing a vaporizer, make sure to focus around all glass pieces and be very persistent when analyzing the information found in customer reviews across the Internet.


Concentrate Utensils (rigs)

Concentrate utensils are anything that people use to smoke concentrated forms of marijuana. Some examples of marijuana concentrates include hash oil, shatter, and wax. These can be smoked in many different ways, and as such, there are many different concentrate utensils to choose from. For most forms of concentrates, vaporizer pens are sufficient for the job. In fact, standard vaporizers are often used, as well.

For wax, dab rigs are used. These are also referred to as oil rigs and can be used for smoking hash oil. The user will use a butane torch to heat (likely a nail) up to a high temperature and then turn the concentrate into smoke. This allows the user to take a much larger hit than normal, and also avoids a lot of the unwanted content, which would otherwise have taken up a larger volume of smoke.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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