Pot Charges Lead to Execution of Nigerian Man

Yesterday, there was a man executed for pot-related charges. He wasn’t caught killing someone during a drug raid. He wasn’t caught stealing a car to run away from the police. He wasn’t selling cocaine or ecstasy. He was executed for selling marijuana illegally in Singapore.

Chijioke Stephen Obioha, a Nigerian man,  was caught with 2.6kilograms of pot in Singapore back in 2007. After various appeals, not only from Obioha and his legal team, but from the European Union and various activist groups, he was executed yesterday. He spent over 9 years sitting on death row, fighting for his life, before he was killed by the Singapore legal system.

Singapore has some of the strictest drug laws in the world, and by possessing more than 500 grams, he was sentenced to death. With his charge of drug trafficking, Singapore’s laws of guilt change. In America, and most places, you are innocent until proven guilty. However, with this charge, he was guilty unless proven innocent. Regardless of the charge, accused criminals still have human rights, and by taking away their potential innocence away in court, this is a direct violation of those rights.

The European Union was in talks with Singapore to abolish the death penalty, and change Obioha’s sentence to life in prison, and they refused it! The European Union issued that statement about this, it was covered by multiple Nigerian new”s outlets, however it has been missed by most news articles.

Why isn’t this being covered around the world? Why aren’t people protesting outside of the prison the Obioha was hung at?

Now, I am not defending the idea of moving drugs around in a foreign country, but there is no way that that is worth the death penalty. Share this, so we can raise awareness for this illegal activity and help save other lives from being wrongly taken!

Rest In Peace, Mr Chijioke Stephen Obioha. ????


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