Proposed Changes to New York’s Medical Cannabis Laws are Underway

New York is the 23rd state that legalized medical marijuana. But even years after the state entered the roster in 2014, legal laws regulating cannabis use remain tight. Fortunately, these sturdy laws are now facing amendment, offering hope for many patients who have suffered difficulties in obtaining the drug even after it was decriminalized.

Getting marijuana in New York takes work. Much more is finding a doctor legally certified to give patients a marijuana card. Without the card, there’s no cannabis. And even once given the access, these patients are not provided adequate professional guidance on what to buy.


In New York, marijuana is unsmokable. The only legal way of consuming the drug is ingestion through pills, or via vaping. The patient is also prohibited to eat the cannabis.

For some who were used to the common method of consuming cannabis, they need to relearn and get used to the new process.

A hopeful fix

Given these existing concerns, many are hopeful that the changes can finally loosen statutory limitations on marijuana use, and improve the lives of those who are dependent on the promises of the drug to relieve many of their medical woes.

For instance, the new rules could increase the number of cannabis products for sale in dispensaries and ease prescription regulations for doctors so they can serve more patients.

So far, people are positive about the potential change. Aside from patient anticipation, dispensaries are also on standby but are already exploring ideas for when the changes are approved.

More information on the proposed regulations can be found on the NY Health Department’s website.

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