Recent California Fires Destroyed Part of the Emerald Triangle

The recent California fires took a significant toll on the state’s budding cannabis industry.

The fires that devastated California this week left 31 people dead and thousands of homes and establishments burned to ashes. That includes Mendocino County, part of the so-called Emerald Triangle which is considered the capital of the US cannabis industry.

At least six marijuana farms were totally decimated by the fires, according to the California Growers Association. But that number remains tentative as those who have evacuated are yet to check on the casualties of the destruction.

Affected marijuana growers in the state are devastated by the recent events due to the current legal complications of their business.

Not legal

Aside from not having crop insurance, they are also ineligible to receive any financial relief given by the state due to their crop’s illegal status on the federal level. Pot farmers are also not likely to get approved for any financing program as lenders continue to shy away from the product.

Considering these into account, these farmers would have to rebuild everything using their own money, something that just isn’t easy to come by for most of them.

Many farmers said it would take them years to rebuild what has been lost to them in a single week.

“A lot of folks’ hopes and dreams for legal cannabis are in ashes or covered in smoke right now,” Hezekiah Allen, director of the association says.

The size of pot fields destroyed were approximated to be about a quarter of an acre on average: one in Napa Valley, three in the Santa Rosa area, and two in Mendocino.

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